15 Vastu Tips For East Facing House or Plot

East is the direction of the sunrise which brings positive energy and harmony. Popularly known as Surya Disha or Ravi Disha, the east direction has a priority influence in Vastu Shastra. There are many vastu tips for east facing house according to the ancient mythology. East is also said to have huge health-related concerns on humans according to the sayings of our ancestors. Most of the Vastu consultants keep recommending East direction plots or homes to the people. This is why East is considered as an auspicious direction as per Vastu Shastra in Indian culture.

Vastu Tips For East Facing House

1. The main entrance door for East facing homes should be at the center of the East or the North-East direction. Sun rays come from this direction that provides vital power to living things. Those who live in the East facing the house, with the main door in the exact East direction are said to fetch the riches easily. Those who live in a home facing East direction, with the main door towards the North Side are well assured of profession and development. This is one of the most important vastu tips for east facing house.

2. Walls in North and East direction should be shorter and thinner than those in West and South direction. Make a higher boundary wall at south and west side of the plot.

3. The kitchen of the East facing house should either be in South-East or in North-West. If the kitchen is in South-East direction then make sure you face the East direction while cooking. And if the kitchen is in North-West direction then face the West direction while cooking.

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4. The ideal direction for the master bedroom in East-facing house in North-West. One should avoid having a bedroom in the North-East corner. However, South-West is also considered to be ideal for a master bedroom.

5. For East-facing homes, the ideal direction for pooja room and living room is North-East as it is considered very auspicious.

6. Having the guest room for your East-facing home in the North-West direction is considered suitable. This vastu tips for east facing house is auspicious for surrounding the guests with a welcoming aura for an overall happy environment.

7. Having underground water source in the North-east direction is considered auspicious. However, no septic tank should be placed in NE corner.

8. Planting trees, however, are never considered as a negative aspect of life but according to Vastu, one must not plant trees in the East direction as they will block the morning rays from the sun.

9. More open space towards East direction brings luck and fame to the residents. Planning to have more open space in this direction generally brings happiness to the residents. Lesser open space towards West and more towards East is the right method to bring positive vibes to home.

10. If you are willing to buy a property attached to your plot, the North direction will be the best direction as per Vastu. Do not buy any property attached to your plot towards the south or west direction.

11. Also, avoid buying a plot that slopes from North to South. Having a plot that slopes from South to North is good or construct a slope towards the North-East direction.

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12. Avoid constructing toilets in the North-East corner of your East-facing home.

13. The staircase shouldn’t be constructed in North-east direction. It is considered inauspicious and should be considered as one of the main vastu tips for east facing house.

14. Avoid having clutter, dirt or dustbins in North and North-East direction especially, however, it is better to avoid it everywhere.

15. One must make sure that there are no cuts in the direction of the North-East corner of the house. Slanting roof towards East is good, the roof or sheets should flex towards East direction.

The above-mentioned guidelines are must to follow if you believe in Vastu Shastra.

Our sages or pandits also perform rituals facing towards this direction if you have ever noticed. Therefore, it is also called as a holy direction. Lord Indra is said to bless the family members with status, happiness, education, professional development and success in business. But those who construct their house neglecting this direction, either by ignorance or indifference, will definitely suffer a loss in wealth.

The entire family will be sble to see psoitive results by following these vastu tips for east facing house. It brings progress, tranquility, harmony and also the good fortune of all the members.

Vastu Tips For East Facing House
Vastu Tips For East Facing House



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