Top 10 Vastu Tips for Office

Here are some useful Vastu Tips for your office 

  1. The first and foremost important thing is to make sure your office has well-built interiors to create a perfect working environment. Also, there should be no obstruction at the entrance of the office.
  2. According to Vastu Shastra, the reception of your office should be located in the Northeastern part to attract new opportunities and customers.
  3. Executives which include the highest level of persons in the company should have their office in the West, South or the South-West part of the office.
  4. The middle level management should have their cabins in the North and the East part whereas field staff should be located in the North-West region. This enhances cooperation amongst people.
  5. For increasing prosperity and attracting more returns, it is best to locate the accounts department in the South-Eastern part.
  6. The perfect place for the Marketing department is North-West. This will enhance your business connections with more people and promote harmony.
  7. It is ideal to have lunch rooms or pantry cart in the North-Western or the North-Eastern part of the office. This will increase unity among the employees of your company.
  8. The toilets should be located in the South-West or the North-Eastern corner of the office.
  9. Make sure you use colors like white, grey and blue for your office as they can keep the working environment cheerful.
  10. Place water bodies in the North or East direction of your office space. This is the best direction to place the water in your office. Having an aquarium is also an ideal Vastu principle.
Vastu for office