10 Vastu Tips for North Facing House

10 Vastu Tips for North Facing House

According to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, keeping in mind the vastu tips for North facing house is considered highly auspicious. Moreover, the North direction being ruled by Lord Kubera, the God of wealth is responsible for the financial growth of the house. You have to keep in mind the fact that a North Facing house is only considered auspicious only if the other necessary rules such as the position of main doors and their directions etc is followed adequately. Although planning a North facing house is simple and easy but there are few tips to be kept in mind while construction.

Here are a few auspicious vastu tips for North facing House

  1. The first and foremost thing to consider while going through the vastu tips for North facing house is the position of the main door. As the North direction is considered highly auspicious for the house, the main door can be constructed anywhere in the North Direction. If you divide the distance between North West and North East in 9 equal parts(padas) according to vastu, the fifth block is highly auspicious for constructing the main door as it welcomes more wealth as it is the house of Lord Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. Though if the 5th slot is not big enough or not appropriate, you should consider the North East side before the North West as they have much increased fortune links with the direction. 
  2. The North side of the house should be free from large and bushy trees. It is recommended to keep the house clean and tidy at all costs in order to avoid the repercussions. 
  3. Remember to leave more open space towards the North & East during construction of your house. Don't leave more open space towards South and West as this is considered as a defect in Vastu Shastra. In case your house has this defect then you can rectify it using a Vastu pyramid strip known as the cut off method. 
  4. According to the ancient beliefs regarding the vastu tips for North facing house, you need to make sure that there is a open terrace towards the North direction along with more construction towards the South. In case there is an open terrace in any other direction then correct it using element balancer. 
  5. Make sure the roof slope in your North facing house is towards the North or East direction. In case of the reverse slope, use pyramid arrows
  6. The following vastu tips for North facing house is a must follow in order to ensure peace and quiet- Master bedroom would be auspicious in North-West whereas living room and pooja room should be constructed in the North-East corner for North facing house. 
  7. North East is the ideal direction for the underground tank. In case it is in any other direction, it should be cut off by Vastu shift arrow and Vastu corners. However, do not make any septic tank at South-East, North-East or south-west corner of the plot. If there is a septic tank in this direction, then use Vastu pyramid partitions strips for correction. 
  8. The garage should be built towards the North-West side of the plot or house. 
  9. Don't get heavy pillars constructed on the North East side while making a house. 
  10. Avoid the plots for a North East facing house that has slops going from North to South as they are considered inauspicious according to vastu tips for North Facing house. 
  11. The master bedroom must be in south West direction and it should not have a direct sunmean shining on the bed directly. 
  12. Avoid construction of any arches on the doors or windows. Also, make sure there are maximum windows on North or East side of the house. According to the ancient beliefs regarding the vastu tips for North facing house, it is considered inauspicious and attracts negative energy. 
  13. Toilets, staircase, kitchen, walls or pillars should never be constructed in the centre of the house. Also avoid toilets, kitchen and bedroom in North-East direction. 
  14. The stove in the kitchen should face towards East if the kitchen is in South East Direction while if the kitchen is in North West direction, keep the stove in the west. 
  15. Kitchen for North facing house should be constructed in South-East or North-West. If it is constructed in South-East direction then face East while cooking and in case of North-West kitchen face West.
vastu tips for North facing house