15 Easy-to-follow Vastu Tips for Your Health!

15 Easy-to-follow Vastu Tips for Your Health!

The axiom “Health is Wealth” holds the value of much importance to this day. The main aim of Vastu Shastra is to bring in peace, prosperity, progress in your life. It is the art of eliminating negative energy from around you and welcoming the positive ones. Everything in the universe has a level of energy associated with it from the colours of your home to the entry gates to the mere foundations and for a prosperous and healthy living, the energy created by these things should affect you only in a positive way. In this article you will learn about some important vastu tips for your health for leading a stress free and healthy life. 

According to renowned American director and producer Robert Evans, “buildings designed with careful attention to aesthetics arouse and enlighten their occupants, and that promotes their good health. While dealing on good principles of constructions to ensure prosperity and happiness in families, Vastu Shastra also lays down certain guidelines for the inhabitants of houses to ensure good health of the body and mind as good health is the only way to succeed and overcome any challenge in life. Implementing some simple Vastu tips for your health in homes can change your destiny for the better.

Some easy to follow vastu tips for your health:

1. It must be made a daily practice to sleep with the head positioned towards the south direction. People with Vata and Kapha constitution must sleep on the left side and those with Pitta constitution need to sleep on their right side. It is considered as one of the auspicious vastu tips for your health. 

2. Staircases are an integral part of our homes but believe it or not, staircases can affect your health. There should be no staircase in the center of the house as it can lead to major health issues. If there is a requirement for a staircase, it should be constructed in the corner. 

3. Also, using space below stairs as a toilet, store, or kitchen can cause nervousness and heart diseases. 

4. The fourth and one of the must considered vastu tips for your health is that the center of the house should be empty or devoid of any heavy furniture. This is because the center of the house is Brahmasthan and it should be kept empty for the free flow of energy in the house. Furniture obstructs the flow of energy and stagnation of energy can bring bad health to the people living in the house. 

5. It is considered a good idea to place a crystal grid or pyramid charged with Reiki in the Brahmasthan of the house in order to energize the house. 

6. A master bedroom in the southwest direction ensures physical and mental stability. Never construct a bedroom in the northeast direction; it causes health problems. 

7. Avoid sleeping under light beams as it leads to depression, headache and memory loss. Also placing the bed in front of the mirrors causes nightmares. Do not keep or hang paintings depicting war, crime, violence, unrest, agony or distress. 

8. To ensure good health, arrange to light a lamp in the southeast direction inside your home. 9. Grow a tulsi or basil plant in front of the house. Do not have any cactus or rubber in the house as they might add to your illness and stress. Having it outside the boundary is good. 

10. Keep all electrical/heat-generating appliances in the SE corner of the room. Do not construct kitchen, toilets and prayer room next to one another. Also, the kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door. 

11. If someone in the house is keeping unwell, keep a burning candle in his/her room for a couple of weeks. Placing the candle in North is good for career and livelihood, while in the North-east, it is helpful for knowledge and understanding. In the East, a candle signifies matters related to family and health. It is one of the most prominent and auspicious vastu tips for your health. 

12. Moving water is believed to attract positive energy and money. Consider placing a small ornamental fountain or aquarium in your North direction for wonderful results. 

13. Plan the boundary wall of the house at the same height as the main gate. 

14. Plant some citrus fruits on either side of the main gate to ensure good health of the members. 15. Placing an image of Hanuman in homes is a remedy to several Vastu setbacks which can assure health and happiness.

Vastu Tips For Your Health
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