Do's & Dont's for Auspicious Vastu for the Entrance of Your Home

Do's & Dont's for Auspicious Vastu for the Entrance of Your Home

The main entrance door is the gateway to your home- the gateway to inflow and outflow of subtle energies which can bring in prosperity, wealth and happiness to your home. A good Vastu for your entrance door can shunt off all negative forces provided you follow some basic tips. Here are some Entrance door Vastu Tips.

Do's for your home's entrance door- Entrance door Vastu Tips:

  1. Make sure your main entrance is in the East or in the North direction.
  2. Having two separate doors for entry and exit with one or two shutters is considered auspicious. But in this case, the exit door has to be smaller than the entrance door.
  3. The main door looks good when it has a big size, made from good quality wood and lit with bright lights. This definitely attracts prosperity towards your home.
  4. The door should open inside and in clockwise direction and is noise-free in its usage.
  5. A beautiful name plate is another way to attract prosperity as per Vastu.
  6. Make sure the door's width is half of its height.
  7. The surroundings of the door should be kept clean and tidy.
  8. The main door slightly higher than the ground level along with odd number of steps in considered auspicious.
  9. The entrance door should be away from any corner by one feet.
  10. The total number of doors, windows and ventilators in a house should never end with zero and always be even in number.

Dont's for your home's entrance door 

  1. Don't keep a dustbin near the entrance door.
  2. Having a door in the corners of the house or at a place with an underground tank is inauspicious.
  3. Don’t have the main entrance of your home facing a compound wall or exactly in front of the opposite house' door.
  4. Avoid having any obstruction in front of the entrance gate like trees, wires, poles and even vehicles.
  5. Don’t have the entrance of your home facing a temple.
  6. Don’t keep the entrance dark or gloomy.
  7. Avoid having a self-closing door.
  8. The main door should never face intersecting roads.
  9. In case your main entrance door is cracked or requires service, don’t delay it and take an immediate action.
  10. Don’t have your main door painted in black color.
Vastu Enterance for the home Entrance door Vastu Tips
 Vastu tips for the entrance door


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What arrangements can hamper the balance of vastu at the entrance?
2023-02-06 03:51:33 AM

Vastu Shastra not only helps to keep your space clutter-free, but it also helps to attract positive energy into the office. When arranging your office, focus on keeping the garbage, plants, racks, and files in their proper positions. This will ensure that the positive energy is allowed to flow freely throughout the office, and will help to create an environment of productivity and success.

Which idol is good for home entrance as per Vastu?
2023-02-06 04:58:29 AM

One should keep in mind that having a Ganesha idol in pairs at the entrance of the house will bring prosperity, wisdom, and success. It is said that placing the Ganesha idol facing left is known as Vastu Ganesha, which helps to solve many Vastu related issues. Therefore, placing a pair of Ganesha idols at the entrance of the house is highly recommended.