Kitchen Vastu: Things to Avoid

Kitchen Vastu: Things to Avoid

According to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, everything in the universe has a level of energy associated with it and if they are placed according to the right rules, they ensure peace and tranquillity in the house. A prosperous home will always have all the things in compliance with Vastu Shastra in order to ensure the well being of its members. Kitchen vastu is one of the foremost things to be considered while planning on a vastu compliant home. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of our homes. It is a place where the food we consume that actually makes us survive is cooked. It is also one of the places in your home where all kind of energies prevails thus making it necessary to follow some kitchen vastu tips. If the things in the kitchen are not placed according to the vastu Shastra, they might have adverse effects on the prosperity and health of the house members.

Here is a list of things one must avoid or keep a check on, when planning a layout of the kitchen, according to Kitchen Vastu:

  1. Kitchen must never be above or below a toilet and must not have a common wall with one. This has adverse effects on the health of the residents.
  2. Kitchen must never be located in north and north-east direction. This increases mental tension and one may suffer great losses. As the northeast direction represents water element which is in contrast with the fire element of the kitchen and is highly insuaspicious.
  3. Center of the house must never be used as kitchen.
  4. The water taps should not be in any direction apart from North East.
  5. The refrigerator must not be placed in the north-east direction
  6. Gas stove or main cooking area should never be right in front of the kitchen door.
  7. A temple or pooja room should never be above the kitchen sink.
  8. The kitchen sink and the gas stove must not be placed in the same area close to each other.
  9. In order to avoid the adverse health effects on the people who cook in the kitchen, it should not be built in the north quadrant.
  10. The door of the kitchen must not face the front door of toilets or washrooms.
  11. Larger windows in the kitchen should not be on any other side apart from East.
  12. It must have ventilators or exhaust in a round shape and avoid placing them in any directions apart from South.
  13. The dining table should never be placed in the centre of the kitchen. If possible, consider North West Direction for it.
  14. The kitchen furniture must not be placed in front of the wall.
  15. Donot put any electric equipment in the North East Direction. South East is the best suitable direction for them.
  16. The sink should not be in the South East direction of the kitchen.
  17. Donot store the utensils and kitchen materials in the Northern Direction.
  18. The kitchen must not have black coloured walls.
  19. The main entrance of the house and the kitchen must not be parallel and facing each other.
  20. According to Kitchen Vastu, the stove in the kitchen must not visible from the outside of the house.
  21. There shouldn't be any leaking tap in the kitchen as it represents the loss of wealth.
  22. The cooking stove must not have any kind of storage above it.
  23. The kitchen door should not be at the corner of any direction and should always open in the clockwise direction.
  24. The clock should not be placed in the North Direction in a kitchen.