Planning to Buy a Flat? Here Are Some Practical Tips for a Vastu-friendly Home!

Planning to Buy a Flat? Here Are Some Practical Tips for a Vastu-friendly Home!

Vastu Shastra is a traditional science of architecture of the Hindu system which says that the directions have a major impact on human dwellings. According to Vastu Shastra, there is a specific design, measurements, layout etc for particular corners in your Vastu friendly Home. It is believed that following all these norms of layout and space arrangement as per Vastu Shastra promotes goodness in life and shield you from negativity. 

Although in today's world, it becomes difficult to ideally follow the norms but there are some simple tips that would help you to keep a balance between the ideal home and your dream home. Moreover, if you are planning to buy a new flat, then these tips will help you to quickly find out if the flat is vastu-friendly.

Vastu friendly Home Flat Entrance

The main entrance of your flat should be from North or North East. It shouldn't be South or West as the afternoon sun rays can pose danger to your health. 

  • Lighting and ventilation for your flat: Make sure the new flat has enough natural lighting and ventilation with windows and balcony facing the north or east. 
  • Kitchen for your flat: Ideally, South-east corner is the best place for kitchen in your home. Avoid having a kitchen in the North-East direction. 
  • Master Bedroom of your flat: According to Vastu Shastra, the right direction for master bedroom is the South west corner. In case of multiple floors, the master bedroom has to be on the top floor. 
  • Drawing room for your flat: The ideal direction of the drawing room is North-West or East direction and the furnishings can be kept in the south and west directions. 
  • Toilets and Bathrooms in the flat: Toilets and bathrooms should be in the South-West corner or in South direction. Since the wind direction in India is North-East to South-West, so having the toilet built in North East will make the air contaminated before it enters your home. 
  • Kid’s room in the flat: Since there is no sun in the North direction so having your kid's room in North- East or North West with a window on the north wall will make his room more airy and full of natural light. 

Some general tips 

  1. The water storage tank is best in the North-Eastern corner of the flat. 
  2. The puja or the meditation room is best in the Northeast direction of the flat. 
  3. It is good to have a study room in Northeast, Northwest, North, West, East directions and the study table should be kept in Eastern or Northern wall. Pooja room and study room built adjacent to each other is an auspicious norm. 
  4. You can have your store room in the Southern part of the building. 
  5. The centre position of the living room is considered both ideal and auspicious.  

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Vastu_Shastra_for_Buildings Vastu friendly Home

 Ideal directions for a perfect Vastu friendly Home[/caption]