Simple Vastu Tips for Toilets and Bathrooms

Simple Vastu Tips for Toilets and Bathrooms

When it comes to constructing a house, it is important to take into account the bathroom Vastu guidelines. Toilet and bathroom spaces should be positioned in the right direction in order to promote positive energy. According to Vastu Shastra, a bathroom/toilet space that is not Vastu-compliant can lead to financial issues, loss of wealth, health problems, and even stress or minor accidents. Therefore, it is essential to keep these guidelines in mind when designing a house. 

It is unwise to leave a frequently used space uncared for. Bedroom and attached bathroom spaces should also be designed in such a way that they are Vastu-compliant. This ensures that the bathroom and toilet are not a source of any kind of negative energy. Additionally, when constructing a house, one should avoid constructing the bathroom in the center of the house. 

By following the Vastu guidelines, one can create a home that is full of positive energy and brings prosperity and success to the family.

Bathroom and Toilet Direction as Per Vastu

As per Vastu, it is very important to build the bathroom and toilet area in the north-west portion of the house. It is said that having the bathroom in the south direction or even in the south east or south-west direction can have a negative impact on the health of the people residing in the house. Also, it is recommended to keep the toilet one to two feet higher than the ground level. This is important for safety and health reasons, as it will keep the bathroom area secluded from the other areas of the house. The bathroom should be constructed in such a way that it is well ventilated and receives ample sunlight.

To ensure the best Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom, it is important to ensure that the toilet is placed in the south of south west (SSW) zone of the house. The second best placement is the west of north west (WNW), followed by east of south east (ESE). It is important to avoid placing the bathroom in the north east or south west zone of the house. Doing so may bring severe consequences. 

If you already have the bathroom placed in a wrong direction, you can easily fix it with a simple Vastu remedy. One such remedy is to place an Elixir pyramid in the house, which will counteract the negative effects. Additionally, it is important to avoid placing the bathroom right next to the puja room or temple. 

For a separate bathroom used only for bathing purposes, the best directions are the north, east and north east zones of the house. 

Why Should Bathrooms Be Vastu-Compliant?

Bath and wash spaces are integral parts of every home, and it is important to make sure that they are Vastu-compliant. According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal location for the bath and wash space should be in the north-east direction. This will bring in positive energy and prosperity into the house. It is also important to note that the bathroom and toilet should not be in the same room. The bathroom should be in the south-west direction and the toilet should be in the north-west direction. This will ensure balance in the energy flow and ensure that the bath and wash space is peaceful and calming. 

When designing a bathroom and wash space, it is best to use light colors such as white, beige, and light blue, as these colors are believed to bring in positive energy. It is also important to ensure that the bathroom and wash space are kept clean and clutter-free, as clutter is believed to block the positive energy from entering the space. 

Toilet Seat Direction as Per Vastu

To ensure good health as per Vastu, it is important to install a toilet seat which faces the north or south direction. This will help in allowing the proper energy flow. One must make sure that the toilet is placed in such a way that the user is facing the north or south direction while using the toilet. Moreover, it is important to include a window in the toilet area to ensure proper energy flow.

The best direction for the toilet seat according to Vastu Shastra is South, North, South-West, West-Northwest, East or Southeast. It is important to close the toilet seat lid after use and keep the bathroom clean to ensure good Vastu and hygiene. However, it is recommended to seek the advice of a Vastu Shastra consultant before installing a western commode in the toilet.

Facing the toilet seat in the wrong direction as per Vastu, i.e. East, West or North-East, can cause serious health problems, particularly migraine-related issues. It is believed that facing the toilet seat in the wrong direction will insult Surya Bhagawan and bring disharmony to the family. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the direction of the toilet seat as per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Rules for Utilities and Fixtures

  1. When picking out the light fixtures for your bathroom, consider going for metal fixtures in order to achieve a balanced look.
  2. Wooden furniture and utility baskets can also be used to create a more inviting atmosphere in your bathroom.
  3. As for the electrical fittings, such as hair dryers and geysers, it is best to place them in the south-east side of the bathroom.
  4. Lastly, the shower should be located in the east, north or north-east part of the bathroom.

Vastu for Bathtub

  1. Square or round shaped Jacuzzi is best, with no sharp edges.
  2. The north, east, west, and north-east directions are ideal.
  3. White or blue bathroom mats should be placed near the bathtub.
  4. Dark colors like black or red should be avoided.
  5. Bath tub pillows should be placed in the south direction of the Jacuzzi.
  6. Candles should be placed in the northeast zone of the bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Washing Machine

Washing machines are usually kept in the bathroom for convenience, and Vastu Shastra recommends placing it in either the southwest or northwest direction for optimal results. This ensures that the energies in the bathroom are balanced and that the machine does not interfere with the natural flow of energy. Additionally, if possible, it is advised to keep the washing machine covered with a cloth when not in use, as this will help to protect it from dust and other debris.


Mirrors are a great way to increase the positive energy in your bathroom area. According to Vastu Shastra, mirrors should ideally be placed on the northern or eastern wall of the bathroom. This will ensure that the positive energy of the east is reflected all around. It is best to choose square or rectangular mirrors, and place them at least four or five feet from the floor. Additionally, the mirror should be placed at a high position, so that it does not reflect the toilet seat.

Vastu Tips for Bathroom Doors

  1. It is important to ensure that the bathroom doors are kept in the north or east direction.
  2. Wooden doors are the best option, as metal doors can create negativity and negatively impact the health of those living in the home.
  3. Ornate statues of gods and goddesses should be avoided on the bathroom doors.
  4. It is important to keep all bathroom doors closed at all times, as leaving it open can lead to negative energy entering the home and creating problems in relationships.
  5. South-west direction should be avoided when constructing the bathroom door.
  6. The doors of the toilet should always be kept closed, as allowing the negative energies to enter other parts of the home can cause problems in both career and relationships.

Bathroom Vastu for Windows

To ensure that the bathroom remains clean and dry, it is important to ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the windows are placed in the right direction. The windows should open towards the east, north, or west. It is also important to make sure that the windows open outwards and to use light coloured curtains for the bathroom windows. This will help to keep the bathroom area fresh and allow for light to enter the room.

Bathrooms Vastu Colours

When it comes to bathroom decor, light and bright colours are usually the best choice. Light blue, pink, grey, beige and cream all make great choices as they create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Dark colours such as black, dark blue or even red should be avoided as they can create a gloomy or oppressive atmosphere. Brown and white are also suitable for bathrooms, and earthy shades work well to create a tranquil space. It's also important to choose lighter colours as they make it easier to spot dirt and grime, and help you keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. Dark colours can make a small space like a bathroom look cramped and cluttered, so it's best to opt for lighter shades to ensure your bathroom looks bigger and brighter.

Vastu for Attached Bathroom and Separate Bathrooms

Attached bathrooms are a great way to save space in a home and can be designed in accordance with Vastu Shastra. In order to ensure that the toilet and bathroom are placed in the right direction, the north-west direction is best suited. This ensures that the toilet seat is as per Vastu standards.

In addition, the southern corner is also suitable for designing attached toilets. To ensure that the bathroom and toilet space is higher than the ground level of the room, a small window can be built on the east, west or north wall. This ensures that the attached bathroom is not on the same ground level as that of the room. 

By following the Vastu rules for designing attached bathrooms, one can make sure that the space is being used efficiently and is aesthetically pleasing.

Vastu Rules For Wall-Sharing With the Bathroom

It is recommended to avoid placing the bed close to the bathroom or toilet. If there is no way to avoid a wall sharing situation, try to position the bed in a way that it does not recline against the bathroom wall. This is the best way to keep negative energy away from the bedroom. Additionally, make sure that the bathroom does not share its wall with your bedroom or kitchen or a room dedicated to religious practices like the pooja room. Taking these measures will ensure the bedroom is filled with positive energy.

Vastu for Bathroom Drainage

When designing the toilet and wash basin, it is important to ensure that the drainage is towards the western side as mandated by the Vastu guidelines. Additionally, the floor of the toilet should be sloped in the north or east direction so that the flow of water is from south to the north or from west to east. This will ensure that the water outlets and drainage are in the correct direction as specified by Vastu.

Vastu for Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom should be kept clean and dry. It is important to choose the right flooring for your bathroom. Marble is not recommended for bathrooms as per Vastu, as it can bring about negative energy. It is best to use tiles for the flooring, preferably in light or pastel shades such as blue, white, beige or cream. The bathroom floor should be at least one foot higher than the bedroom or other rooms in the house. This ensures that the positive energy is not disturbed or blocked.

Vastu for Bathroom Overhead Water Tank

The position of the overhead tank is very important. The southwest corner should be the heaviest, as it helps to bring in financial wellbeing. It is best to place the tank slightly to the south or west of the southwest corner, or even in the west. According to Vastu, the tank should never be placed in the northeast corner or southeast corner. If placed correctly, an overhead tank can provide an ample amount of water in times of water shortage.

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in North Direction

Based on Vastu Shastra, it is important to be mindful of the direction in which toilets are built. Building toilets in the north direction can bring about negative effects, such as health issues. To combat this, one remedy is to shift the pit to the north-west and paint the walls in black colour. Additionally, placing white coloured flowers in a metal vase facing north can also help eliminate negative energies. According to the bathroom Vastu rules for north facing house, the south of south-west or west of north-west are suitable places to design bathrooms. The east of the southeast direction also aids in eliminating physical and mental negative energies.

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in North-East Direction

To ensure that the toilet placed in the north-east direction of your home is in accordance with the Vastu principles, it is important to take the necessary precautions. Start by placing a north-east yantra in this area of the home. Additionally, it is good practice to keep the toilet doors closed at all times to reduce the negative energies present. To further reduce the negative energies, you can burn camphor or fragrant candles inside the toilet or place indoor plants like money plants or spider plants, which are known to absorb negativity. Finally, you can place a bowl of sea salt inside the toilet, which should be changed every week. Ensure that the toilet is kept neat and clean to prevent further negative energies from entering the home.

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in South Direction

To ensure that the bathroom and toilet space is balanced according to Vastu, it is important to pick the right colour scheme. For the bathroom zone in the south direction, it is recommended to use light shades of red, pink, orange, purple and violet. If the zone is extended, it is better to use more neutral shades. Furthermore, changing the toilet position from south to southwest is one of the remedies for the Vastu defect of loss of fame.

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in South-East Direction

To make sure that a toilet in the south east corner of the house is in compliance with Vastu Shastra, it is important to make sure that the walls of the toilet are painted in bright, cheerful colours such as yellow, cream or neutral shades. Additionally, it is recommended to place a Vastu pyramid on the south and east walls of the toilet on the outside of the house. Lastly, it is important to keep Vastu salt in a copper bowl, which should be replaced every week. Doing this will help to reduce the negative effects of a south east toilet and make sure that the toilet is in compliance with Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in East Direction

It is also important to ensure that all the fixtures and fittings in the bathroom and toilet are installed according to Vastu. The toilet seat should be facing south and the towel hanger should be installed on the east side of the room. Additionally, the toilet door should open in an outward direction and the window should be placed in the north wall. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the colours used in the bathroom and toilet should be light and calming. Lighter shades of green and brown are ideal for this purpose.

South West Toilet Vastu Remedies

To ensure that the bathroom in the south-west direction is in line with Vastu, it is important to place a Vastu pyramid on the outer part of the south-west toilet wall. This can be done to balance the energies and attract positive vibes. It is also important to keep the doors of the toilet closed at all times as it helps to keep the energy from escaping.

It is important to ensure that the toilet in the south-west direction does not have any metal accessories as it could create a negative energy. To further enhance the positive vibes, you can place the exhaust fan in the north-east or east direction. 


You can also place three or nine lead helices on the outer bathroom wall, or you can also place three wooden pyramid partitions on the outside of the bathroom door frame. Alternately, you can keep Vastu salt in a bronze bowl and replace it every week.


The colours recommended in Vastu for toilet and bathroom in this direction include light hues like yellow and beige.

It is also recommended to convert the south-west bathroom into a small room to keep items like cabinets, however, it should be cleaned regularly to eliminate any negative energies.

Vastu Dosh Remedies for Bathroom

  1. To make your bathroom a haven of self-care and relaxation, you can use aromatherapy by adding a few drops of lemongrass oil into the toilet bowl. This will provide a calming scent to the bathroom space.
  2. Keep the area clean and hygienic by regularly going through the things stored in the bathroom such as cosmetics, toiletries, etc. and discarding anything that has expired or is no longer needed.
  3. Replace any broken soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, etc. and make sure to clean and replace towels regularly.
  4. To help get rid of Vastu flaws, you can place a glass cup filled with salt in the bath and toilet space. This is said to help remove Vastu defects.
  5. Additionally, having a mirror on the outer side of the bathroom door can help but make sure it does not reflect the bedroom or the entrance door.
  6. Lastly, when choosing bathroom fittings, opt for silver, stainless steel or ceramic but avoid gold fittings as they do not suit a bathroom setting.
  7. If you can, opt to have a door dividing the toilet cistern and the bathing area. If not, make sure to keep the lid of the cistern down at all times and keep the door closed or use a curtain.

Vastu Rules For Water Leakage in the Bathroom

It is important to repair leaking taps and showers as soon as possible. Not only does it lead to unnecessary expenditure, it also causes wastage of water. Wastage of water is considered bad according to Vastu and it is said to cause negative energy. Therefore, it is important to take measures to ensure that water does not drip from taps, jets, and showers even after they have been turned off.

Vastu for Bathroom in the Home Office

As per Vastu Shastra, the best location for the toilet or bathroom in an office should be the northwest or west side of the office. This is because when sitting on the commode, one should be facing the north or south direction. Northeast and southwest corners should be strictly avoided as per Vastu, and any toilet attached to a cabin should not be located in the northeast of the cabin. The toilet should also be kept clean and free of bad odours, and the office floor should be wiped with a mixture of salt and water daily to keep negative energy away and attract positive energy. Following these steps will help ensure the best bathroom location as per vastu in an office.

Vastu for Bathroom Exhaust Fan

It is important to place the exhaust fans in the right direction in order to ensure that the energy in the bathroom keeps flowing. For an attached bathroom and toilet, the best place to install the exhaust fan is in the south corner, parallel to or on the same wall where the flush toilet is located. This will ensure optimal airflow and ventilation. Avoid installing the exhaust fan on the east wall of the toilet, as this can have a negative effect on the energy in the room.

Vastu for Bathroom Lights

In Vastu Shastra, lighting in the bathroom should create a peaceful atmosphere. The bathroom should not be dark or gloomy, and should have adequate illumination. If there are no windows in the bathroom, bulbs in the overhead lighting fixture can simulate natural sunlight to bring in positive energy. In a small bathroom, general lighting is essential. A central ceiling light should do in this situation. For larger bathrooms that are divided into sections for baths and toilets, overhead fixtures can provide adequate lighting in all corners. The most important lighting in a bathroom is around the mirror. The light here should be diffused and have no glare or shadows. To enhance the energy of the bathroom, a small nightlight such as a wall sconce can be added.

Vastu for Plants in Bathroom

Adding greenery to the bathroom is a great way to bring in positive energy, elevate the mood, and create a relaxing atmosphere. Money plants are the perfect choice for bathrooms due to their ability to withstand the warm and humid conditions, but other options include snake plants, ZZ plants, aloe vera, and spider plants. It's important to pick plants that will thrive in high humidity and can tolerate moist air. If possible, ensure that the bathroom has access to natural light, either through a window or by rotating the plants in and out of the bathroom every few days to give them some sun. Overall, adding some greenery to the bathroom is an easy and effective way to improve your bathroom's atmosphere.

Vastu Rules for Bathroom Decoration

  1. According to Vastu, it is important to choose the right decorations for the bathroom. Instead of family photos, figurines of Buddha, turtle, or elephant, opt for photos of flowers, trees, meadows, etc. to brighten up the bathroom.
  2. Do not hang photos of waterfalls, rivers, or fish as it is not considered auspicious.
  3. To bring luck and prosperity, avoid hanging prosperity paintings on the toilet wall.
  4. Avoid over-decorating the bathroom with too many candles as it is a fire element and the bathroom is the opposite element, water.
  5. Red and orange-colored decorative items should also be avoided in the bathroom.
  6. To add a natural touch to the bathroom, sea shells can be used for decoration. Ensure the lighting around the mirror is such that there is no glare on the mirror.
  7. Green d├ęcor such as green napkins, towels, mats, curtains, etc. can also be used to bring in the energy of nature.