Vastu Colors for Home Exterior Walls

Vastu Colors for Home Exterior Walls

Vastu colors for home exterior walls are an important vastu factor to be considered while building a place or reconstructing one as they are actually associated with concentrating a positive aura all around the place. Different rooms of the house have different functions and as per their benefits, the Vastu rules vary for every space. Colors of the walls also play an important role in directing the energy flow. Colours describes both emotional as well as physical properties. The direct impact of color on our existence is easy to understand. If you select a color that harmonizes with your energy, then you are definitely bound to flourish. If the color clashes with your mood, that color will irritate you. Whatever we look upon and see through our eyes will, through our optic nerve, send sensory signals to our body, to react to what our eyes see. So the colors of everything our eyes come in contact will influence our temperament, physical movements, language and thoughts – in short, our lives.

Well, for a building the foundation of a harmonious place, follow the vastu colors for home exterior walls given below:

  • Exterior color schemes need not to be limited to only outside walls and windows. The color of window boxes is another element to be considered. The best window box color is one that has a creative relationship with casement color and should always be different from that of the window casement.
  • Home’s walls colours offers a way to enhance nearly every aspect of our lives – improving our moods and stimulating our minds, increasing our effectiveness at work and in society and creating better physical and mental health.
  • Colours affect various domains of our lifeworld, food, clothing, the living place, transportation, education, and recreation. Wise arrangement of color will help to increase their happiness, enhance their wealth, and faster their marital harmony.
  • Color inspires emotion. Colour structures our behavior.
  • According to Vastu colors for home exterior walls, Green color exudes dynamisms, Red color exemplifies equity, White color projects clarity & pureness and Black denotes a feeling of amazement, greatness, and wisdom. No color is invariably is beneficial in all cultures for the continuous of inner understanding among individuals and external harmony between them as well as natural surroundings.
  • All modifications, from cosmic to atomic, resound in us and the force that links us with color is energy or cosmic breath. Energy is the non-biological self, i.e., our spirit, our psyche, our essence. Without liveliness, we are almost only flesh and bones; Energy is the breath necessary for maintaining natural, physical, as well as emotional stability. In a perception, it is fate, the layout of our persona, nature, talent and life course.
  • Colours also can reconcile and stabilize our vitality and hence, improves our being and prospect. For any form known to exist, it must possess color and we know that out of the void of the Universe come to all things. Harmony and balance are desirable in our physical and emotional makeup and in our environment. Out of the balance and harmonizing of positive and negative forces arises energy – the essential feature of life and life and human energy is greatly affected by color.
  • Vastu colors for home exterior walls also demonstrates fundamental directions, seasons, the recurrent transit of time, and the internal organs of the human body. Colour is deemed as an illustration of global energy – liveliness that can also shape personal energy, hence, their fortune. Adding a new color to an environment can stimulate a positive or negative response.