Vastu For Clinic

Vastu For Clinic

Clinic Vastu is a term used to describe the principles applied to the layout and design of a clinic or medical room. It is based on the ancient practice of Vastu Shastra, which promotes a positive energy flow and balance in a space. Clinic Vastu emphasises the importance of creating a positive and healing atmosphere in a clinic, and provides guidelines to ensure a patient's speedy recovery. 

When designing a clinic, it is important to consider the orientation of the building, the placement of objects such as furniture, the selection of colors, and even the direction of the windows. All of these factors can help create a positive energy flow, and create an environment conducive to healing. For example, warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red can create a positive, calming atmosphere, while cool colors, such as blue and green, can help reduce stress. 

In addition to the orientation of the building, the placement of furniture and objects can also help create a positive atmosphere. For example, the reception desk should be placed in a way that is inviting and welcoming, and furniture should be arranged to create an open and inviting space. Windows should be placed in such a way that the sunlight enters the room, as natural light is believed to carry healing properties. 

By following these principles of Clinic Vastu, clinics and medical rooms can be designed to create a positive and healing atmosphere, and promote a patient's speedy recovery.

Entrance of Clinic

The entry gate of the clinic should be in the north, east, or northeast direction as per Vastu shastra. This will help the patients to feel comfortable and safe while consulting the doctors. If the mentioned directions are occupied, you can go with southwest, west, or south directions for the entrance.

It is recommended to use the best quality doors and locks for the entrance gate to ensure the safety of the patients and doctors in the clinic.

The waiting room should also be arranged according to certain Vastu guidelines. The central portion of the waiting area should be kept obstruction-free, and should ideally be located in the north or east direction. This helps to improve the ventilation and allows for a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

When setting up a patient's bed, it is important to avoid the southeast direction, as this can bring unhappiness and lead to disputes.

By following these Vastu guidelines, one can create an environment that is more welcoming and comforting for patients. This can help to improve the overall level of care and satisfaction of patients.

Clinic’s Waiting Area

The waiting area of a clinic is an integral part of the overall design and should be constructed in a manner that ensures the comfort of the patients. While the northeast or north direction is considered to be the best for constructing the waiting area, it is important to avoid the southeast direction as it can lead to a feeling of uneasiness and even disputes.

It is important to ensure that the waiting area is designed in such a way that the patients do not have to wait in distress and that the attendants can comfortably remain in the area while the patient is being treated.

Doctor’s Desk or Room in the Clinic

The placement of the doctor’s chamber is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration while designing the clinic. Vastu Shastra suggests that the doctor’s chamber should be located in the southwest, west, or south direction. This placement is believed to help the doctor concentrate and work peacefully.

The northeast direction is said to be the best for doctors as it helps them focus on their treatment and understand their patients better. Furthermore, the doctor should face eastward for better results. By following these guidelines, the doctor’s chamber can be made conducive to providing the best possible medical care.

The doctor’s room should have an L shaped construction that rises in the North East direction. The consultation room should also have the same L shaped construction to ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment for both doctor and patient.

Additionally, the materials used in the construction should be of high quality and able to withstand the test of time.

 Right Colours Based on Vastu for Clinic

Colour plays a vital role in impacting the energy of a space. Dark and dull colours add to the negative energy of a place and, on the other hand, light colours spread positivity and optimism. Since a clinic is a place where patients come with their negative energy, it is very important to have positive energy in the clinic. Thus, Vastu Shastra recommends the use of light colours in the clinic.

Light shades of green, pink, or white are suggested as they create a peaceful ambience. However, the use of dark shades such as red, violet, or black should be avoided.

The color of the walls in the clinic should be kept light and bright. Avoid using dark yellow and white colors for the walls as they can create tension and disturbance in the minds of the patients. Additionally, these colors can distract the doctor's concentration.

Hanging motivational photographs can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the clinic walls. 

Doctor’s Chair as per Vastu

According to Vastu, it is important to choose the right colour for the doctor's chair in a dental clinic. Dark colours such as black can give off a negative vibe and create an atmosphere of negativity in the clinic. Therefore, it is best to choose white, beige, or cream coloured chairs, which are more appropriate as per Vastu for dental chairs.

Additionally, Vastu tips for the clinic suggest avoiding the use of dark-coloured carpets in the medical room, as this can bring in negative energy and make the atmosphere less conducive to healing.

Placement of Furniture

  1. Vastu shastra suggests that the northeast corner of the clinic should be used for keeping the examination table, so that the patient's head is directed towards the east and the legs towards the west.
  2. Additionally, the southwest corner is ideal for keeping extra chairs and furniture, although it is recommended to avoid any distorted shapes such as triangular or oval, and make sure to maintain a 3-inch gap between each furniture piece.
  3. The patient's bed should be located in the southwest direction and the centre of the clinic should be kept clear of any obstructions.

Following these rules will ensure that the flow of energy in the clinic is uninterrupted, leading to positivity and prosperity in your life.


The parking area of the clinic should be in the South-east or North-west direction for the best result. This will ensure the vehicles are able to move freely without any obstructions, and for the safety of the patients and visitors. Additionally, it will also provide better visibility for the parking attendants and reduce the risk of accidents.

General Vastu Tips for Clinic

  1. To create a positive atmosphere in the medical room, it is important to hang pictures or sceneries depicting happiness.
  2. Music can also be played in the hall or waiting area to provide a soothing environment for patients.
  3. It is essential to avoid constructing washrooms in the northeast, southwest, or central part of the clinic, as these directions are known to attract negative energies.
  4. When considering the placement of the examination bed, it is recommended to choose the northwest direction, so that the patient’s head is directed towards the east and their legs are towards the west.
  5. For the reception, it is advisable to choose the north or east direction. Medical equipment should be placed in the southeast direction.
  6. To maintain the auspiciousness of the medical room, one can place a small temple in the corner of the room, or a water fountain to keep the peace of the area.
  7. Fish aquariums should not be kept in the medical room.
  8. Lastly, it is important to keep the clinic clean and clutter-free.

As per Vastu, it is important to ensure that the area size of the clinic is not less than 250 square feet. This is to ensure that the positive vibes can travel throughout the room.

 The clinic should also be in a regular shape such as a square or rectangle. Any other shape will be against vastu shastra and may cause negative vibes.

The first floor is the most favorable for the clinic according to vastu.

White or grey ceramic tiles should be avoided for the flooring as it can create a depressive atmosphere.

Mirrors on the ceiling are also against vastu and should be avoided.

The waiting area for the patients should be in the north, east, or north-east direction. This will create a sense of confidence and security in the patients.

The doctor should also be facing this direction while treating the patients. This will help them focus better on the patient.

Dark colours such as black, grey, and dark blue should be avoided in the clinic.

These are vastu defects and will bring about failure and depression. Instead, the walls should be painted with light, vibrant colours such as pink, light green, and light blue. These colours will energize the patients and create a positive atmosphere in the clinic.

The northeast direction is ideal for the pathology lab. The northwest direction is appropriate for the ICU and the southwest direction can be used for the staircase.

The northwest or western area is ideal for the washrooms and toilets.

Mirrors should be avoided in the clinic, but if they are necessary, they should be placed on the north or east walls.

Additionally, colored bulbs should be avoided in the patient's ward.

In case there is a facility for a blood bank, the south direction is most appropriate. 

If there are separate quarters for the ward boys and nurses, the northwest or southeast area is the right direction. 

  1. The entry of the Hospital or Clinic should be in the North or East, but never in the South.
  2. The Operation Theatre should be in the West zone. Medical equipment may be kept in the Southeast or Northwest area.
  3. The X-Ray or Ultrasound unit should be installed in the Southeast area.
  4. The Medicine Centre should be placed in the Northwest direction.
  5. The head of the patient while sleeping in the Hospital should be in the South or East.
  6. The patient room should have proper light and air facility, and the Emergency Patient Room should be in the Southwest area for fast recovery.
  7. Water or Drinking Water should be kept in the Northeast area. The Reception should be placed in the Northeast or Northwest area of the hall, facing East or North.
  8. The quarters for Nurses or Ward Boys should be in the Northwest or Southeast area.
  9. The toilet should be built in the Northwest or West area. If any basement has to be built, it should be towards the Northeast area.
  10. Stairs should be built in the Southwest area, though the Southeast is also suitable in some cases.
  11. The doors of the patient room should never face South. Pathology should be placed in the Northwest or North area.
  12. The ICU should be placed in the Northwest area. Mirrors should not be placed unless necessary, and if urgent, they should be placed in the North or East walls. Red bulbs should completely be avoided in the Hospital or Clinic area.
  13. The Blood Bank, if any, should be towards the South direction.
  14. The overhead water tank should be placed in the Southwest area.

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2023-02-06 04:29:32 AM

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu science of architecture that has been used for centuries to create structures that are in harmony with nature and make the optimal utilization of natural energies, light, and air. The principles of Vastu Shastra are based on the idea that different deities and elements rule different areas of a site. This means that the placement of certain elements must be considered in order to create a home or structure that is in harmony with nature.

Vastu Shastra also provides a basic framework for making the best use of sunlight as it changes positions throughout the day. For example, the northeast direction is ideal for Puja room as this is the position the sun is in before dawn, during the auspicious Brahma Muhurta. Similarly, one must pay attention to where to place other rooms to make the best use of the light and heat of the sun.

On a larger scale, the principles of Vastu Shastra have been used to shape the destinies of cities and nations. Japan, for instance, is a country surrounded by the sea and North and Northeast are ideal directions according to Vastu Shastra. This means that the placement of certain elements within the country must be done in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra in order to create a nation that is in harmony with nature and the environment.

What arrangements can hamper the balance of vastu at the entrance?
2023-02-06 03:51:33 AM

Vastu Shastra not only helps to keep your space clutter-free, but it also helps to attract positive energy into the office. When arranging your office, focus on keeping the garbage, plants, racks, and files in their proper positions. This will ensure that the positive energy is allowed to flow freely throughout the office, and will help to create an environment of productivity and success.

What are Yantras?
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Yantra are powerful tools that have been used for centuries to bring good luck and prosperity to an office space. They are believed to help negate any negative energy and bring abundant wealth and success. Yantra can be used to attract positive energy and help create balance in the office, as well as bring financial abundance. They can be placed in any part of the office, but should be placed in an area that is easily visible and accessible. Yantra can also be used in combination with other feng shui and vastu practices to help bring success and prosperity to the office.

When can we can expect results from Vastu Shastra for office?
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After implementing Vastu Shastra in your office, you may start seeing positive effects in a few days, however, it might take some time for the positive results to be fully realized. The effects may be more visible over a longer period of time.

Which direction should we face while working?
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Employees should be positioned in their offices with their backs facing the north or east to maximize efficiency. This helps the employees to remain focused on their tasks and allows them to work more efficiently. Also try and make sure employees have natural light and a view of the outdoors, which has been proven to increase focus and productivity.