Vastu for Kids Room

Vastu for Kids Room

Designing your kids room as per Vastu has its own advantages - it ensures that the whole ambiance contributes to your child’s development. Children act as the future of the household and hence the children’s room should be in a place that strengthens them and gives them a mental stability that is most required nowadays. This article will enlighten the facts about Vastu for Kids Room in order to have a peaceful study environment and the unbound success in every endeavour. 

Every parent is keen to see their child’s progress in every sphere of life, thus making it immensely auspicious to follow the rules for Vastu for Kids Room. Proper placement of things instills positive thinking in children’s mind to work harder and make them cheerful. Improper placement of things transforms children into a brat, stubborn and low in concentration pushing their parents to get on nerves. Converting your kid’s room with Vastu guidelines can give you positive results making your child obedient and progressive.

Some basic tips on Vastu for kids room are as follows:

  1. The basic vastu for kids room should always kept in mind while building one. A study room should be in the east, north or the North-East direction of the house as this improves the absorbing power and increases the knowledge of content. The door of the study room should also be in either of these directions. 
  2. West direction is ideal for children room and must be placed there. 
  3. Keep the bed in South-West portion of the room and let your child sleep with head towards South or East direction for peace of mind. 
  4. According to vastu for kids room, the door to the child’s bedroom should not be exactly opposite to the bed. Try having them at a separate angle. This aspect should be kept in mind when going for the architecture of that place. 
  5. A television should never be placed in the bedroom, but if it is necessary it can be placed in North of the room. And a computer can be placed in East or next best direction is the Southeast corner of the room, requires Northeast-east door. 
  6. According to vastu for kids room, if some furniture is to be kept in the room then it should be kept a few inches away from the wall. This will help in saving the positive energies of the body and the mind. 
  7. While studying, sit and learn in the East as it improves concentration. Avoid using things that are obstacles for concentration like pillars, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves, etc. 
  8. Make sure that the study table is neat and tidy. It should not be cluttered with too many books loaded on it. In addition, make sure that the study table is not against the wall. Place a Saraswati idol near child’s bedside or study table. This will improve the positive energy of the place. 
  9. According to vastu for kids room, study lamp should be there for students. It energizes luck in education and improves focus and concentration on studies. An open space in front is essential as it inspires new ideas and approaches in a child. 
  10. The color green is the most recommended for a child’s room as it stimulates the brain yet offers a calming effect. Blue is a good color for children who are hyperactive and aggressive in temperament. Avoid using dark or fiery colors in your kid’s room.