Vastu Tips for Balcony

Vastu Tips for Balcony

A Balcony is an area with a wall or bars around it that is joined to the outside wall of a building on an upper level. It is usually attached to a bedroom or living room. People use it for relaxing, sitting. Vastu tips for balcony are essential to have a home filled with positive vibes only and to ensure peace and harmony. Also, the increase in the trend of living in apartment buildings with balconies has taken the place of courtyards. Moreover, it gives shelter from rain, direct sunlight, and storm. It is also used as a gathering spot for families to have some fun time in the evening and to enjoy the best of weather conditions.

Some of the most auspicious vastu tips for balcony are:

  1. According to vastu tips for balcony, if the flats have balconies from north to northeast or from northeast to east then it is considered to be the best flat and the ones that have balconies in the west are of mediocre quality. The flats that have balconies towards south and southwest are considered as inferior quality ones. 
  2. Ensure that the floor of the balcony in the north and east is always lower than the floor of the main building compound. 
  3. Roofs should always slope towards north or east but never towards south and west. 
  4. Normally people use balconies for utility purposes and place washing machines here. With the machine comes the trap for draining the water. Be extra careful that these traps are never placed in the southwest zone of your balconies. These can result in draining the wealth of the family living in the house. 
  5. 5. According to vastu tips for balcony, building water fountains or lily pools towards the northeast zone of the balcony is a wonderful way to honor the ruling water element of this direction. The residents can enjoy meditating in the early morning hours by the water body. This also helps to attract fortune and prosperity in abundance. 
  6. Small plants, shrubs, and seasonal flowering plants along with a basil plant should be placed in the northeast zone of the balcony. They need sunlight to thrive. 
  7. Never keep tall and heavy potted plants in the northeast direction as they would totally block the early pious and beneficial solar energy from entering the house. 
  8. Tall and heavy plantation along with heavy boulders and rocks and pebbles should be placed towards the southwest of the southwestern balconies for the stability of residents. 
  9. The vastu tips for balcony states that the north and east parts of the balcony should have low height seating with floral, striped or wavy kind of prints. These will never block the solar energy from beaming in and lighting up the whole place and the room that is attached to the balcony. 
  10. Heavy furniture and seating should be placed in the southern and western corners of the southwest balcony. You can use square shape furniture and have furnishings in geometric shapes and in earthy colors like beige, cream, yellow or rust. 
  11. According to vastu tips for balcony, it is always preferable to have balconies towards southwest covered with sliding windows. 
  12. Square and rectangle shapes are preferred for balconies and verandas. They should never be rounded off, and the walls should always meet at ninety degrees. 
  13. Balconies should be constructed in the eastern or northern part of the house and avoided towards south and west.  But if a balcony is constructed in the south direction then it is essential to have one in the north, and if there is one constructed in the west then it is essential to have one in the east. 
  14. Disrespecting the vastu tips for balcony, many people construct balconies at their own whim and pleasure by cutting and extending in different directions. But cutting in a haphazard manner results in defective vastu, which brings in bad luck. It is essential to demarcate them by laying a copper wire concealed under the floor. 
  15. Balconies towards north and east should be wider than the ones in the south and west if at all constructed. 
  16. he balcony cannot be projecting out alone in the north or east. This gives a cut in the vital part of the house, which is northeast. This quadrant is connected with one's brain or mind and a cut here means that the residents are totally deprived of mental peace and happiness. 
  17. The balconies should run all along from north to the northeast or from northeast to east. 
  18. According to vastu tips for balcony, balconies projecting towards south attract litigation and fire hazards. 
  19. Balcony towards north invites wealth and prosperity whereas the one towards east blesses the residents with good health and new opportunities in life. 
  20. Having a projection in the northeast in the form of a balcony or a terrace garden that is open to the sky can be a guaranteed blessing for its residents in terms of prosperity, happiness, mental peace and high education.