Vastu Tips for Basement

Vastu Tips for Basement

Vastu tips for basement are something that is eventually ignored while constructing a home or a place in compliance with vastu shastra. It is essential to have every corner of the home in compliance with vastu to ensure the concentration of positive vibes as well as harmony. The positive energy associated with a place is enhanced by keeping in mind the vastu shastra.

What is vastu shastra?

Vastu shastra is an ancient science of understanding form. It can be also known as Vedic foresight of construction, of architecture, of harmony, of layout and design of all objects. It stems from an ancient understanding of the natural forces created. With Vastu, we can create an abode of calmness and understanding where we are content and spiritually balanced as well as satisfied. The principles of Vastu Shastra can be applied while constructing any part of the building or home. A vacant space under the house is essentially considered inauspicious. Still, if you have a basement under your home, then it is necessary to renovate it with by following the rules of vastu tips for basement. Basements are typically used for storing things like furnace, water heater, or air-conditioning system and therefore are left vacant and are not cleaned and maintained. This article deals with how and where one should have a basement under their home.

Some of the auspicious tips on vastu tips for basement:

  • As per Vastu Shastra, it is suggested to construct a basement in the North direction or the East direction of your house. The North and East positions of the basement should be left vacant as these directions are considered very inauspicious.
  • It is advised not to build a basement under your entire house. Basements which are constructed covering the entire area of the house are not considered as auspicious.
  • According to rules of Vastu Shastra, the basement should never be used for living. It should not be renovated as a bedroom or guest room. As it is constructed under the building or house, therefore, should be avoided for residential purposes. However, you can use it as a storeroom or a dump yard to store unnecessary things. Also, you can open an office in that place.
  • It is believed that North and East directions of the basement should be kept vacant. It is advised not to keep any heavy materials or equipment on that portion.
  • As per vastu tips for basement, the auspicious rays obtained from Sun enter into the room only from these north and east directions and keeping heavy items can cause an adverse effect on your business and health.
  • South and west portion of the basement is best to keep heavy materials like a furnace, water heater, or air-conditioning system.
  • The basement should be always of rectangular or square shape as it allows the positive rays to spread all over the room which is coming from the North and East directions. An odd shape basement is not preferred as per rules of Vastu Shastra. The odd shape obstructs the flow of positive energy and thus causes losses, health problems etc.
  • If you are using the basement for storing water then as per Vastu tips for basement, it is considered auspicious. However, make sure that you have water tank only in North East or North West directions of your basement. You can also use East and North portions to store water. If you have kept the water tank in South or West side of your basement then it is advisable to change the direction as soon as possible as it can cause an adverse effect on you and your family members.
  • It is advisable to keep light things in the North East direction. Heavy and big equipment kept on this direction will bring in negative energy into your home and basement. You can keep heavy items in south, south-west, south East or west portions of your basement. ¬†However, make sure the items kept in the Northwest direction of the basement should be lighter than the items kept in the South East direction. As per Vastu Shastra, heavy items means things made of iron or heavy metals.
The basement should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis as clutter spread over the room can obstruct good rays to enter into it. Also, make sure that your basement has enough windows for ventilation. Keep in mind the various tips on vastu tips for basement to have every corner of the home draw only positive energy.