Vastu Tips for Factories

Vastu Tips for Factories

Vastu Tips for factories holds a great significance in bringing out maximum profits and to ensure harmony and prosperity among the staff at the workplace. Every little thing in the universe has  a level of evergy associated with it and once they are maintained according to the vastu shastra, they are known to emit positive cosmic vibes that are essential for a pecaeful and happy environment. 

Let us consider some facts first: The circle of life revolves around work, love, pleasure and home. When a soul comes to the Earth, it comes with a purpose for life; it can be personal or professional or even both. The early years of life are all about pleasure, fun, staying home, studies and full of pampering and love whereas the next stage comes up where a person has to stand up and walk towards his career and achieve goals. To lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life, it is important to maintain a balance between the professional and personal life. You cannot put your 100% focus on personal life and leave the professional life on a stake; similarly focusing on professional life leaves personal life at risk. When we talk about professional life, often two words come to mind that is business and service. Service or job field is all about working for top organisations and make your living, whereas business is all about starting your venture and reach the desired goals. 

Starting a business is not an easy task; it involves a huge investment, areas to start production and proper marketing techniques for selling. Factories are established to conduct manufacturing and do several dealings for the business. But, does all business get successful? Business is all about taking a risk, and to cover the risk; Vastu Shastra came up with certain vastu tips for factories. Vastu Shastra demands to construct a factory according to its rules so as to attract huge profits and prevent losses and mishaps. While constructing factories, it is advisable to save them from any Vastu defect. Otherwise, it can work as a hindrance in future.

Following are the most auspicious vastu tips for factories to keep in mind:

  1. The entrance of the Factory: The main entrance of the factory should be big sized and situated on the east, north or northeast direction to attract excellent profits. In case, the factory is big, try to use two entrances in any of the above directions as it allows the profits and opportunities to enter swiftly. 
  2. Office of the Factory: There is always an office in the factory where business deals and discussions take place. The best place to build the office is in the north or east direction. Also, make sure that the owner should sit facing north or east direction while dealings to reap more benefits. 
  3. Compound Wall: According to vastu tips for factories, a compound wall in a factory is a must. It acts as a support system to the factory. According to Vastu, the south and west side of the factory is considered auspicious for the wall. Also, make sure that the south and west side of the wall is not empty or vacant. 
  4. A Place for Maintenance: There is always a maintenance workshop in the factory where repairs are done. Vastu advices to construct the workshop in the south or south-west direction, strictly avoid northeast and centre. Also, if there are consumable stores, then they must be closer to the workshop. 
  5. Heating Equipment: There is so many heating equipments involved in the factory. Boilers, energy meters, furnaces, transformers, generators, and other equipment must be kept in a south-east direction. Keeping the equipment according to Vastu helps in avoiding accidents and encourages smooth working. 
  6. Placement for the Temple: According to vastu tips for factories,  a factory should always have a temple. It is considered a good start by bowing down in front of God and then move ahead to the daily cores. A temple in the office should be built on the northeast corner, or you can also hang a small temple on this side. Clean the temple regularly and avoid any cluttering near the temple. You can also light a lamp in the temple as a significance of lightening the day. 
  7. Placement of Toilets: There can be single or multiple toilets in the factory depending on the size and staff of the factory. Toilets should be built in the south-east or northeast direction. If a septic tank is required, it should be placed in between north and north-west or between east and south-east direction. 
  8. Material Storage: No factory can work without its raw material. The main aim of the factory is to convert the raw material into finished goods and then sell the finished goods in the market for huge profits. Heavy raw material stores should be constructed in the south-west, south or west direction. Vastu tips for factories states that you can place the semi raw material products in the south or west side and also make sure the finished goods should be taken out of the factory through north-west direction. Using this rule leads to quick selling and high profits. 
  9. Light Machinery: There is always heavy and light machinery present in the factory. As it is said earlier, heating equipment must be kept in a south-east direction. When it comes to placing light and auxiliary equipment eastern or northern sides works the best. Always avoid northeast, north-west and south-east corners completely. 
  10. Placement of Pumps and Tanks: According to Vastu tips for factories, machines that heat and mould the raw materials requires pumps and tanks to cool the item and make it a final product. Water pumps, wells, underground water tanks, etc. are best located in the northeast area only. If there are overhead tanks, then west side of the factory is best suited, avoid the south-west and northeast area for erecting an overhead water tank.