Vastu Tips for Flats and Apartments

Vastu Tips for Flats and Apartments

Vastu tips for flats and apartments are as much essential finding an auspicious plot. For having a vastu compliant home that ensures prosperity and harmony, these below mentioned tips are bound to help everyone. Once you have purchased a flat only minimal changes are feasible due to restrictions of the structure. It is important to select the most auspicious flat in the beginning of the construction rather than picking up one at the last stage of construction.

Some of the auspicious vastu tips for flats and apartments for a perfect fit and buy.

  1. Shape and size of a flat:
    a. It is better to purchase a rectangular or square flat. 
    b. Flats without northeast or south-west corners, the circular, curved and oblique shape should be avoided. 
    c. Balconies extending at some places need not be considered as extensions. 
  2. The position of the windows and doors:
    a. The East and North are auspicious directions as per Vastu Shastra. Hence flats having more windows in the East and the North sides are quite good. 
    b. Flats with windows in the West can also be purchased. 
    c. Select a flat that has the main door in the east or north or northeast or west of the northwest. 
    d. Avoid the main door in the south or west of the southwest and east of the southeast. If the main door is opposite a staircase or lift room, it reflects poor Vastu effects. 
    e. According to vastu tips for flats and apartments, a North or East-facing flat with windows and 
    f. balconies in either of these two directions is supreme. The morning sunlight, rich in ultraviolet rays, brings positivity and hence more balconies and windows are recommended. 
  3. Kitchen and Bedrooms in a Flat:
    a. Prefer the bedroom in the southwest corner as the master bedroom. 
    b. The bedroom in the south-east corner of the flat is good only for guests. Can be used as a study room. 
    c. The North West corner bedroom is good for children and old aged persons. 
    d. The bedroom in a flat in the northeast corner is not good for married couples. 
    e. Let the kitchen be to the southeast or northwest of the flat. 
    f. The kitchen in the center positions of all the sides also is better. 
    g. The kitchen in the Northeast corner badly affects the financial flow and cause severe health problems. 
  4. Toilets and bathrooms in a flat:
    a. Flats with toilets in the North-East should be avoided as they cause health problems. 
    b. The toilets can be in the North West and south-east corners of a flat. 
    c. According to vastu tips for flats and apartments, toilets in any bedrooms can be either in the south-east or North West corner of the flat. 
    d. Toilets should never be built near kitchen and mandir room. 
    e. Toilets without proper ventilation are also not ideal.
     f. The septic tank of the apartment can be in the north-west or south-east. 
  5. Swimming pool and garden in a flat
    a. Gardens in any flat or apartment should always be in the North or east sides of the plot and within the confines of the compound. 
    b. The South and West are not to be selected for any kind of garden or plantation. Trees like Asoka, Neem, and Coconut planted within the campus in the south and West sides are good for multi-storied structures. 
    c. According to vastu tips for flats and apartments, a water pond with lotus in a favorable north or east direction is very good. 
    d. If a garden is present in the center of the apartment limit, it must not have any fountain in the center. 
    e. A swimming pool in the center, towards the South, South-East or South-West and even the North-West creates undue events. It brings negativity to the health of the residents of the flats. Placed wrongly they cause problems to mental peace and health. Fountains or ponds are very favorable towards the North-East. 
  6. Balconies and living areas:
    a. Avoid purchasing a flat which has a balcony only in the South. 
    b. The northeast, south-east, and North West corners are good for living rooms, hall and dining areas. 
    c. Living rooms, hall and dining areas at the south-west corner is not good as per Vastu and may cause severe financial losses. Follow the auspicious vastu tips for flats and apartments for having a vastu compliant home that ensures harmony, peace and concentrate positive cosmic vibes only.