Vastu Tips for Garage

Vastu Tips for Garage

Vastu tips for garage are equally important for ensuring a home or a place filled with positive aura all around as well as for keeping the financial and health troubles at bay. 

However, one of the most disregarded areas, the garage is as major as the home itself. Just as a vastu perfect house emits affirmative vitality and also assures a nourishing life of people staying in it, the same is relevant to the garage as well. For superior effectiveness and productivity of a vehicle, the garage should have accurate vastu. The four-wheeler vehicle should be accomodated properly and in the accurate course, or conversely be ready for sustaining a lot of expense.

Following are the detailed guidelines and Vastu tips for garage to ensure a Vastu friendly place:

  1.  The position of the garage is one of the first deliberations you need to make. Generally, a car garage should always face towards northwest or southeast direction of your house. 
  2. According to vastu tips for garage, if the car is being located on the west side of the northwest side of the garage, be ready to encounter a lot of traveling. Only occasionally the car would remain in the garage. 
  3. A car parked in the south-west direction, the car would require slight renovate work. 
  4. The ground level of the garage would be tilted one, inclining towards the north or east direction. 
  5. According to Vastu tips for garage, the measurement of the garage should be comparable to a minimum of 2 to 3 feet of walking space should be left after parking the car inside. This would also fortify the passage of light and air in the garage. 
  6. It should be ensured that the car shack does not touch the main building or the composite wall. 
  7. The Vastu tips for garage states that the parking of the car in the northeast direction can have a very negative impact and should always be avoided. In consideration northeast direction is considered as the entrance point for divine forces, a car parked within would block up the forces. Although, if you construct a garage in the basement, parking in the northeast area is acceptable. 
  8. The other thing that should be kept in mind is that a garage in the southwest would mean very less usage of the car. Your car would hardly come out of the parking lot and would demand persistent repairing. 
  9. At the time of parking, always park your car with its front phase directing towards north or east portion. This would safeguard that the car would never get scorched. 
  10. According to Vastu tips for garage, contingent upon the fact that you park your car facing the south or west side, chances are that your car might face fire dangers. 
  11. Preferably, the door of the garage should face the north or east direction. Also, it should open freely, i.e. there should not be any hindrance. 
  12. The area where the garage gate opens should be clear, allowing an easy permit for the car's movement. 
  13. As a reference for the colours of the garage, white, yellow or any other light colour is considered auspicious for the garage. 
  14. According to Vastu tips for garage, do not store any waste material or inflammable material in the garage, lest chances are that these might cause unnecessary harm to the garage. 
  15. The car shed must never touch the composing wall or building. 
  16. Ideally, the garage gate should face east or north. It is important to make sure that the height of the gate is less than the height of the main entry gate of the house. Also, the gate must open bluntly, without any obstacle. 
  17. The Vastu tips for garage states that waste or combustible material must never be stored inside a garage. 
  18. The floor in the garage should slope towards the eastern or northern direction.