Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh

Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh

Moving into a new home is like starting a completely new life. Who would not want to start it on a happy note and fill the home with positive energies? It is said that the ceremony should be managed according to Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh and at an optimistic mahurat, including time and date so that everything goes well. 

Vastu is an ancient science of understanding form. It can be also known as Vedic foresight of construction, of architecture, of harmony, of layout and design of all objects. It stems from an ancient understanding of the natural forces created. With Vastu, we can create an abode of calmness and understanding where we are content and spiritually balanced as well as satisfied. The portrayal that motivates us to schedule and arranges a town or temple residential house or any other building indulged with all eminent services or amenities for the satisfaction and efficacy of humankind is given the name Vaastu Shastra which has been ideally described in Indian culture and holy texts.

Significance behind Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh

Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh clearly depicts that the very first entry into the newly built house is also a major feature of Vastu-Shastra. After the house is complete in all regards living in that house is started at some optimistic moment purposeful on astrological deliberations. The entry in the house at the favorable moment is called Griha Pravesh ritual. For any newly built housewarming is appraised as a spiritual occasion. This practice is done so as to keep immoral forces away from entering a new home. Even after land accession, a prayer (puja) is performed which is addressed as Bhumi Poojan, and subsequently, house warming ceremony is known as Vastu-Shanti or peacefulness of a house. 

When the house is ready to be fully used, a muhurta is selected for Griha Pravesh which is inherent especially of Ganesh puja, the idol is drawn to entreat the gods and eight planets, which play as witnesses or onlooker to the ceremony. The contribution in the form of fire (Agni) which is implied to exude to the gods. According to Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh, the family carries the havan kund into every room. The miscellaneous medicinal elements in the fumes from the havan decontaminate and cleanse the air within. The house is enclosed with a thread three times from the east, which is considered to be the most spiritual direction. Both these demonstrate the building of preservative bounding around the house to despise wrongful effect and are done with the complement of the Rakshoghna Mantra and the Pavamana Mantra. 

The Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh requires the house members to shovel a drain in the southeast corner of the boundary of the house with sides of the ditch surrounded with cow dung paste and the pit is prayed. Holy water sprayed roughly around the house is to keep away sinful presence. With this, griha Pravesh is concluded. There are three types of house entries taken into consideration essentially according to the Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh- 

  1. Apoorva- First entry to live in a house newly constructed on a newly selected land is called Apoorva Griha Pravesh.
  2. Sapoorva- It is performed by a family while entering a house that was previously owned by another family.
  3. Dwandwa- Entry into a house to live in it after the modernization of the house wrecked by fire, floods, electricity, wind etc. is termed as Dwandwa Griha Pravesh.

Griha Pravesh Vastu brings about health, wealth and happiness for comfort and utility of mankind as a whole in every possible manner.