Vastu Tips for Lighting

Vastu Tips for Lighting

For having a vastu compliant home, Vastu tips for lighting are as much essential as every other thing in order to ensure harmony and prosperity. Proper lighting is very important for every room of your house. It also has very special meaning when it comes to decorating your room. If the lighting system is not requisite then it can often create various shortcomings in your home. The lights are also used for decorating your interiors and they are a very important part of the decoration scheme of your home. 

Vastu categorizes lights into three different parts, namely the general lighting system which is used for lightening the whole house, accent lights are usually used for decoration purpose and the bar lights are used for embellishing a precise part of your room where general tasks are enacted. The lights play a very significant role when it comes to vastu principles, therefore, you must follow the principles very carefully.

Some of the auspicious Vastu tips for lighting are:

  1. To have a bright and rewarding career, place bright lights in the south zone. But be careful about the source of light. Spot lights on the south wall are a great source of positive energy. Red and orange lamps in round shape lamps in this area increase the chances of success. Avoid lamps that are thin and have a stick-like structure as it will create problems in the career. 
  2. Crystal chandeliers are another great way of energizing the south zone for career success. When placed in the centre of the house, it enhances the earth energy, which brings good tidings into the house. 
  3. If your temple is in the East, North or North East direction, use white and off-white lighting and avoid red to stay away from negative energy. Following closely these essential vastu tips for lighting is bound to ensure a happy environment in the home. 
  4. Fairy lights are a great way to add warmth to your balcony and garden. Ensure that you use the right colours for the right zone when adding them to your space. Red and orange for South, yellow for South West and North East, white for North West and West, blue for North and green for East and South East. 
  5. The path leading to your main door should not be dark and dingy. If it is well lit, it will attract prosperity to your space. 
  6. Bright light at the staircase landing is considered to be very auspicious and attracts good energies. 
  7. Place a family portrait in the South West direction of your space with a bright light falling on it to bring good health and good luck to family members. 
  8. Use soft and mellow lights in the bedroom to help you relax. 
  9. We often like to light candles when guests are visiting. While doing so, keep the candles lit in the South or the South West zone of the house to attract positive energy. Do not place lit candles in the East or North zone of the house as it is not auspicious. Also, ensure that fused bulbs and lights are immediately replaced by new ones. 

All these above mentioned Vastu tips for lighting are auspicious to follow for having a prosperous home as well as to concentrate cosmic positive vibes in there. Adequate illumination of some typical points not only adds on to the beauty of your dream home but it also reflects good health and wealth inflow. Proper lightening is extremely important for each and every room of your house that is why you must follow all the vastu lightening principles in a proper manner.