Vastu Tips for Plot Selection

Vastu Tips for Plot Selection

Therefore, vastu tips for plot selection are a must. To check whether a land or plot is auspicious or not, you need to conduct a little experiment on the plot or land where you want to build a house. First of all, dig a hole on the ground one foot wide and deep, take that soil out and refill the hole with that soil only. 

If the hole remains a bit empty or little incomplete,  the plot is not suitable for you or not auspicious for you, and if mud or soil is left even after filling the hole completely the plot is suitable or auspicious for you according to Vastu Shastra. 

According to Vastu tips for plot selection, in order to have a plot suitable for building or a house, fill it with soil with a raised level and left it for a year to absorb water of rain and become hard for a better base and solid base.

Some of the auspicious Vastu tips for plot selection to have a home filled with positive vibes and to ensure prosperity:

  • A plot should not be situated near industrial area because industries pollute area the area and the surroundings like air, water etc.
  • It should not be situated on South East side of any river, pond, water tank or well because it is very harmful to residents according to Vastu Shastra principles.
  • It should not be situated near any temple where temple's shadow falls on the house because it is considered inauspicious for residents of the house.
  • It should not be situated in or nearby any salty water area because of the saline water issues for house chores.
  • A plot should not be situated any noisy, air polluted, water polluted, area because it disturbs your sleeping pattern and thus harming your health in turn.

Vastu tips for plot selection also recommends considering the colors of the soil or land to build a house or a building for residence. There are four types of land considered auspicious: 

  • White or creamy soil land: These types of lands are better for laying a foundation of a building due to the power of possessing strong vibes according to vastu.
  • Black soil land : We should take extra care to lay foundation of building on this type of land as this type of land is soft and crispy leading to building’s weak foundation. It is recommended to dig deep down in the soil in order to lay a strong foundation amidst the rocky land.
  • Red soil land: This type of land is better for building a foundation as it have a hard and strong base.
  • Sandy soil land :According to Vastu tips for plot selection, it is considered inauspicious to use  a sandy soil land to build the foundation of a home or a place due to it being very soft and crispy unable to withstand weight.

Precautions and Principles to select plot or land to build a house :

  • A plot should be a square shape.
  • It should not be a triangular shape.
  • Plot's length should be double or more than its breadth.
  • Plot's land should not be cracked and in many angles or without shape.
  • According to vastu tips for plot selection, it’s slope should be towards North-East or Ishan direction.
  • Plot's size should be the not circular shape.
  • Plot's size should be rectangular with 90 degrees each angle.
  • It's slope should not be in a south direction because it is very harmful or inauspicious for residents or plot.
  • Stretch in the north-east direction is considered auspicious


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Should we buy south facing plot?
2023-02-06 06:11:49 AM

Despite the fear that many may have towards South-facing homes, they are actually quite a good choice –  for those who have a strong presence of Mars in their horoscope. These people will find that the South direction brings a positive energy that supports their ambitions and encourages their growth. Of course, it is important to ensure that the home is properly built, with a good orientation and layout, to ensure the best results.

Is corner plot good?
2023-02-06 06:09:42 AM

One of the main benefits of buying a home on a corner lot is the improved airflow and natural light it provides. The lack of houses on all sides of the lot gives the home more ventilation and allows for more sunlight to enter the home. Additionally, this type of home has a higher curb appeal due to its unique location. 

As an added bonus, corner lot properties often have more outdoor space for gardening, entertaining, and other outdoor activities. Investing in a corner lot property can be a great investment for any prospective homebuyer.

Which direction plot is good for me?
2023-02-06 06:08:31 AM

Plots facing North and East highways are ideal for general prosperity, as they bring in positive energy from the sun. Plots facing east and south highways bring in improved fortune for female occupants, since the sun's energy is said to be the best for the female aspect. Both plots facing North and South roads and those facing South and West roads will bring about little fortune, as the sun's energy is blocked from entering these areas.

How do I choose a plot of land?
2023-02-06 06:06:23 AM

When looking for a plot of land for a residential, commercial or agricultural purpose, it is important to keep the following in mind:

1. Appropriate plot size – the size of the plot should depend on the purpose. 
2. Appropriate shape of the plot – the shape should be determined by the purpose and the landform. 
3. Arrangement of the plot in relation to the directions of the world – the plot should be laid out in a way that takes advantage of the natural features of the land. 
4. Landform features – the plot should be located on a landform features such as hills, plains or valleys. 
5. Access to the plot – the plot should be easily accessible by road or other means. 
6. Soil investigations – soil investigations should be carried out to determine the suitability of the soil for the proposed purpose. 
7. Access to facilities – the plot should be within easy access to public facilities such as water and electricity. 
8. The neighbouring area around the plot – the area around the plot should be taken into consideration. 
9. The legal and administrative requirements – the plot should be legally registered and the necessary permits and licenses should be obtained. 
10. The cost and mode of payment – the cost and mode of payment should be taken into consideration.

Which type of plot is good as per Vastu?
2023-02-06 06:05:11 AM

North and South Slope is an ideal property as per Vastu. It is best to choose a rectangular plot with a length and width ratio of 1:2 or less for maximum benefits. This will help to ensure a smooth flow of energy and a harmonious atmosphere in the property.