Vastu Tips for Pregnancy

Vastu Tips for Pregnancy

  1. Women trying to conceive must take the western part of the house as it is a favourable direction for couples.
  2. A woman will have difficulty conceiving in a North East room, and if she does the “water” element of North East won’t allow adequate heat to reach the foetus, resulting in miscarriage or abortion.
  3. For the first three months of pregnancy, the pregnant women should avoid the South and South East (Fire Element) direction of the building.
  4. A pregnant woman must not stay in South East bedroom as too much amount of heat of  this corner can  either lead to miscarriage or premature birth.
  5. According to Vastu experts, staircase or anything heavy at the centre of home leads to various complications in pregnancy.
  6. A pregnant woman must avoid sleeping with her head to the East. The natural polarity of the body is maintained by keeping heads towards South and health of both the mother and the foetus is well taken care of.
  7. According to Vastu, the north-east is a very important and spiritually elevated zone. An expecting mother should  try meditating and practicing breathing exercises  in the north-eastern corner of the house.
  8. It is advisable for a pregnant woman to sit away from the television, computer or any gadget that emanates electrical or electro-magnetic energies as the basal body warmth is higher during pregnancy.
  9. Make sure the expecting woman stays in a fresh vibrant environment. There should be adequate light around her.
  10. A pregnant lady must avoid wearing dark and drab coloured clothes such as black, dark red etc. She must try wearing subtle and light colours including green, blue, white and yellow.
  11. A room painted in white is the most ideal for a pregnant lady. If plain white is too stark, opt for pearly or silvery white.
  12. Expecting women must try reading influencing and motivational books including ancient holy texts.