Vastu Tips for Stairs

Vastu Tips for Stairs

Direction, location, shape and color of staircase in your home has an important role in Vastu Shastra. Thus, make sure you follow Vastu Tips for Stairs in your home in order to avoid problems and conflicts. The main aim of Vastu Shastra is to bring in peace, prosperity, progress in your life. It is the art of eliminating negative energy from around you and welcoming the positive ones. 

According to renowned American director and producer Robert Evans, “buildings designed with careful attention to aesthetics arouse and enlighten their occupants, and that promotes their good health.

Following are the must follow Vastu Tips for Stairs in your home or workplace:

  1. According to Vastu, the auspicious direction of staircase is either the Western or the Southern corner of the house. Avoid constructing it in the North-East corner or any other direction than Western or Southern corner, else you may have to suffer from financial losses. 
  2. Prefer constructing stairs in clockwise direction. 
  3. The total number of stairs must always be an odd number ending with a zero. 
  4. It is fine to have an external staircase in the South-East direction facing the east or the South-West direction facing the West. Alternatively, it can also be constructed in the North-West corner facing the North or the South-West direction facing the South. it is one of the most important Vastu Tips for Stairs in your home. 
  5. Make sure you construct the staircase starting from the North and going towards the South. Alternatively, staircase from the East to the West is also auspicious. 
  6. The stairs must always be an odd number and the number must never end with a zero. 
  7. Avoid having a spiral staircase or the one encircling the building. 
  8. The room with staircase in the South-West corner of a basement is inauspicious. So, constructing doors at both the ends of the staircase is recommended. 
  9. Make sure the stairs do not touch the walls in the North or East
  10. According to ancient Vastu Tips for Stairs, don’t construct bathroom, puja room or kitchen under the staircase. This space is ideal only for storage purposes. 
  11. Make sure you climb towards West or South while going up using the stairs and descend towards East or North while coming down. 
  12. If the staircase demands repair, don’t delay it. 
  13. Avoid having staircase in the centre of the house. 
  14. Lighten the staircase with light and soothing colors and not with red or black. 
  15. According to the ancient Vastu Tips for Stairs in your home, the first step shouldn’t be constructed round or circular. 

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Vastu tips for stairs

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Vastu tips for stairs

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