Vastu Tips for Storeroom

Vastu Tips for Storeroom

Vastu tips for storeroom is something that a vastu guru might sometimes dismiss. In a house, there is a variety of rooms available, from a bedroom to kitchen to guest room to storeroom. Every room has its importance and plays an important role in defining a proper house. A bedroom is meant for the owners to sleep in, whereas children room and study rooms are meant for children, kitchen for the lady of the house and guest room for the guests. Then what is the role of the storeroom of the house? Why is important to have a storeroom in the house? 

Well, every house has extra items which are kept for future use. Some items like clothes, blankets, food items, decorative products, gifts, statues and what not, but displaying them in the living room is just not possible; This is when a storeroom comes into the picture; it is the room where all the extra items are placed and for a vastu compliant house it is necessary to consider Vastu tips for storeroom in order to ensure peace and harmony. 

A storeroom can be of two types: 

Food Storeroom: This is a storeroom specifically for all the food items. It is considered good to stock some of the necessary food items in case of emergency. But, keeping extras in the kitchen becomes difficult, that is why a special room is made for the extra food items which are called food storeroom. 

Junk Storeroom: Another type of storeroom is a junk storeroom where all the extra items of the house are kept. These items can be any, from decorative products to waste material to furniture.

Here are some of the Vastu Tips for Storeroom which makes the room free from negativity and brings prosperity to the house:

  1. Location of the Storeroom: According to Vastu tips for storeroom, the right location for the storeroom is in the south-west or north-west corner to maintain peace and tranquillity. All the food items and household items can be placed in the north-west corner whereas south-west corner works best for heavy items in the storeroom. Strictly avoid east or north portion of the storage space as it considered inauspicious for the house. The door and windows of the storeroom must be in the south-west corner for maximum inflow of energy. 
  2. Placement of the Cabinets: Earlier, a storeroom was an empty room where things were kept, but now people prefer properly furnished storeroom so that things are placed in proper order. When it comes to installing cabinets in the room, Vastu advises to use west or north portion for the installation and fill the cabinets with edible items in the south-east corner. 
  3. Colours for the Room: According to Vastu tips for storeroom, every room in a house is painted according to its need. Similarly, painting the storeroom is important. Colours like white, yellow or blue are used for the storeroom. Try to use one of these colours only for painting the interiors of the room. These colours are considered auspicious for the room and lighten up the vibrations. 
  4. Placement of New Items Every person has a desire of purchasing new items, from clothing to furniture to food items, etc. but keeping them for future use is a task. Storeroom plays a vital role in assembling all the items which are going to be used in future. According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, the provision for all the new purchases for the entire year must be stored in the south-west direction. This direction must be kept covered so that no evil energies can make their home. On the other hand, when it comes to storing the items of daily use, Vastu tips for storeroom states that north-east direction works the best. 
  5. Storage items: The main purpose of the storeroom is for storing various items, but according to the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, some items are not considered good for storage. Vastu suggests avoiding storage of water in the storeroom; it can be stored in the kitchen or refrigerator. But, some people are engaged in the mineral water business and need a storeroom to store bottles, gallons and big cartons of water, what to do then? Well, in this case, the best viable option to store water is to keep big pitchers, gallons, and cartons of water in the storeroom. This keeps the water clean, pure and cool and also allows purifies the place from the darkness. Make sure no empty container is kept in the storeroom as it allows all the bad energies to enter the area and spread all over the house. According to Vastu tips for storerooms, if you are planning to keep any container, make sure to fill it up with anything, may it be water, grains or any other item. 
  6. Avoid Sleeping Storeroom is not the room for sleeping. Vastu Shastra strictly says to avoid sleeping in the storeroom as it is considered bad for the health. Make sure there is no bed in the storeroom, and nobody sleeps in that area as it can adversely affect the mental health of a person. It is a room full of darkness which can take away the creativity and imaginative ability thus sleeping in the storeroom is a big no. 
  7. Decorative Items: You can make the storeroom an auspicious room by hanging an image of Lord Vishnu, Trishul, and swastika. Hanging the picture of Lord Vishnu brings prosperity and wealth to the family and also resolves disputes, bring harmony and happiness among the members of the family. 
  8. The shape of the Room Vastu tips for storeroom suggests avoiding irregular shape for it so that the room is constructed in proportion and things are kept in order leaving no area for the evil to enter. Undoubtedly, storeroom is an important room in the house, but it is also an important room for all the bad vibrations to enter the house. To keep all the sinful vibrations away from the house, follow the above vastu tips for the storeroom and make this room an auspicious and spacious place for extra material.