Vastu Tips for Swimming Pool

Vastu Tips for Swimming Pool

Certain auspicious Vastu tips for swimming pool to be considered every time:

  1. Swimming pool, below ground water tank, reservoir, tunnels etc. should be set up in the North-East direction as East is considered the direction of God and North is associated with fortune.
  2. For a home filled with positive vibes, it is considered auspicious to construct the swimming pool on the East side or on the North side.
  3. If the swimming pool is placed according to the Vastu Tips for Swimming Pool such as in north-east to east side and northeast to north side, then the companions of the house will have all superior destiny, prosperity, wealth,success in their fields, good name, lifelong cash flows  in the society etc.
  4. The slope inside the swimming pool should start from west to east if the swimming pool is located at the north side and south to north if the swimming pool is located at the east side and finally nairuthi to Ishan corners if the swimming pool is located at Ishan corner of the site.

Preferred locations for Swimming Pool
The ideal location for having a pool in the house is towards the Ishan corner (Northeast). Also, as per Vastu tips for swimming pool, it should not have any connection with the south or western directions even if it involves the eastern or Ishan centers. 
Swimming Pool on Upper Floors
Many modern-day houses built these days have a swimming pool on the upper floors or a terrace. While having a terrace swimming pool may look attractive and an ideal location, it is not such a good placement keeping in mind both the engineering design as well as vastu concepts. All vastu concepts for swimming pool and other water-related elements like water storage tanks, bore wells and other underground water tanks have a direct connection with the ground element.  Hence, if you are looking for a place for a swimming pool which has vastu balanced energy, always opt for one which has a swimming pool at the ground floor in the preferred corner of the house. 
Swimming pool in a corner of the house
Vastu tips for swimming pool gives a strong emphasis on having a swimming pool in a corner of the house rather than having one at the center. Even when built in the right directions, a house having a corner placed swimming pool has a better energy balance. Corner located swimming pools also offer an added privacy assurance compared to swimming pools located in the middle of the center of the property. Having a swimming pool in the northeastern corner of the house, therefore, is the best placement as per Vastu Shastra concepts for a home swimming pool.