Top 10 Vastu Tips for Your Living Room

Top 10 Vastu Tips for Your Living Room

Our living room is the most important place of our home. It is the place where most of the social and family interactions take place thus it is very much appreciated if the living room ensures a positive aura for much happier and peaceful conversations among everyone who embarks their presence on it. Vastu Shastra is an ancient art of eliminating negative vibes and welcoming the positive ones into your home for a prosperous and happy living. Concentrating positive cosmic vibes into the lives of people to lead them onto the path of success is the greater significance behind Vastu Shastra. A living room arranged according to the Vastu attracts welcomes health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Here are some must follow Vastu tips for your living room that will ensure an overall positive and happy aura.

Vastu Tips for living room:

  1. The Television in the living room: South East corner in the living room is the best place for the television. You should avoid fixing the television on the northeastern wall as it hinders with the family conversations as they have their eyes fixated on the screen only. 
  2. The Furniture : Square or rectangular furniture are the way to go with the vastu. Circular ones are not known for welcoming positive vibes. A modular sofa set works great and a recliner is suitable for the relaxed environment. 
  3. The Curtains: If your living room windows face the north or east from where the morning sun comes in, hang light or sheer curtains, and for windows in the south or west, use heavy drapes. You can either have a single type of curtain or use a combination of light and thick curtains.
  4. The Open Space: The northeast area of your home should always be kept neat and clean in order to welcome great fortunes. Though, you can decorate the area with plants but they should be kept well and groomed properly. 
  5. The Chandelier: The chandelier is the common accessory in the Indian homes. Though, they should not be hanged in the centre of the room, south or west direction is perfect for them.  
  6. The Lights: The living room should be well lit so as to attract positive energy and eliminate the negative vibes. The bulbs should offer a soothing glow so as to provide an overall cosy and positive ambience. 
  7. The Pooja Room: Northeastern part of the living room is the perfect place for a Pooja room or cabinet. It attracts positive energy into the home ensuring well wishes from the God. 
  8. The Wall Colour : White, light yellow, green and blue are the perfect colors for the living room that attracts positive vibes and ensures a happy aura all around. You should avoid red and black for the living room walls as they attract negative vibes.  The energising colours allows you to have a sense of wisdom as well as patience. 
  9. The Paintings: North East is the perfect site for hanging paintings or wall decorations. The paintings should not portray war, hunger or pain as they will leave same impact on your mood. A running horse painting is perfect for the living room. 
  10. The Cleanliness: The living room of your home should be well lit and free from all the clutter and dust. Positive aura is reflected with cleanliness. Organize the space and build sufficient storage so that things can be hidden away to keep table tops and surfaces free from clutter.