West Facing House Vastu

West Facing House Vastu

Many people believe that Vastu Shastra doesn’t consider a West facing house to be auspicious. West facing house vastu is something people usually ignore all together. But for a house filled with harmony and prosperity, it is recommended to follow the Vastu tips even if the direction of your house is in west.

Vastu Shastra professionals suggest that all directions are equal and come with certain restrictions that should be kept in mind, in order to ensure smooth flow of positive energy. There is no difference in the orientation of a house as per Vastu Shastra. This is primarily because the earth's axis of rotation is tilted at 23.5 degrees and it keeps changing. Hence, all home orientations are equal and should be considered accordingly.

Identify a West Facing House or Flat

Identifying a west-oriented apartment is straightforward. When you stand at the main entrance or gate of your home and are looking out, if you are looking westward, then it is a west-facing property. Generally, west-facing dwellings are not perceived as auspicious, however Vastu specialists dispute this.

Benefits of West Facing House or Flat

  1. West facing properties are considered to be a positive thing for many people, as it brings in warmth and the rays of the sun for a longer period. This can be especially beneficial for those in the fields of business, politics, teaching, and religious leadership. 
  2. For younger generations, this type of property is said to attract more energy and can be extremely helpful in terms of wealth gain and prosperity. 
  3. Additionally, people in possession of a west facing house may not face any opposition and will be more popular in their social circles.

A West direction oriented house can also be auspicious as North or East facing house provided it is compliant with certain Vastu rules. If your are having a West facing house or planning to buy one then here are some Vastu rules you must keep in mind.

West facing house Vastu for Main Door or Entrance

The main doors of west-facing homes should be placed slightly towards the north-west or in the middle to ensure optimal feng shui. The south-west direction should be completely avoided for the main door, as this could interfere with the flow of positive energy. Additionally, the door should be a few feet away from any walls or other obstructions, to ensure that the energy can move freely. Placing a mirror on the inside of the door can also help to reflect any negative energy away.

Master bedroom in West facing home

The master bedroom should be located in the south-west direction in a west-facing flat as per Vastu principles. If the house has multiple levels, the master bedroom should be on the top floor. Having the bedroom in the south-west direction can improve relationships between couples and prevent conflicts. To ensure quality sleep and a peaceful environment, make sure the bed and other elements in the room are aligned with Vastu principles.

West facing house Vastu for Pooja room and Living room

The direction of the pooja room should be chosen very carefully, according to Vastu. The north-east corner of the house is said to be the most auspicious corner for the pooja room. For a west facing house, one can also consider the west direction to create the pooja room. It is important to ensure that the idols and photos of gods face east when establishing the pooja room. This arrangement holds true for many ancient temples in India, where the main idol is placed in the west side and faces east. 

The east direction is also regarded as auspicious for the pooja room in a west facing house. Therefore, the gods should be kept in the east direction when designing the Vastu plan for the pooja room.

Kitchen Vastu for West Facing House

It is important to take into consideration the placement of the kitchen when constructing or remodeling it. According to Vastu, the optimal placement for the kitchen is the south-east corner of the house. This is because the south-east corner is known to bring prosperity and good health to the occupants. When arranging the cooktop in the kitchen, make sure the person cooking is facing east. Furthermore, it is important to avoid having the kitchen directly below or above the puja room, bedroom, or toilet. For optimal results, the best placement for the kitchen is either in the southeast or northwest zones.

Children Room

The children's room should be planned in the south, west, or north-west areas in a west-facing house. The north-west is the ideal area for the guest room in this case, as it will receive more sunlight and less direct heat from the sun. The north-west facing room can also be used as a study or meditation room, as it will provide plenty of natural light.


The staircase should be constructed with care and the right direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the staircase should be built in a clockwise direction, starting from the south, southwest, or west, depending on the direction your house is facing. When constructing the staircase, make sure it is built in accordance with the Vastu Shastra principles for a west facing house. This will ensure a healthy and prosperous environment for your family.

Bathrooms and Toilets 

It is essential to ensure that the bathrooms and toilets are not situated in the north-east direction, as it is considered inauspicious. When constructing a bathroom or toilet, it is essential to keep the toilet and septic tank away from the northeast zone. Additionally, it is important to consider the location of the bathroom and toilet in relation to the other areas of the house, such as the kitchen, to ensure it does not disrupt the flow of positive energy.


Windows in north and east facing directions allow for the best flow of energy within a house. They should be installed facing those directions to ensure optimal energy balance in the home. Additionally, installing windows on the south and west sides of the house should be avoided as they can allow for too much energy to enter, leading to an unbalanced flow of energy in the home.

 West Facing House Vastu Tips to Ensure Prosperity and Health

  1. According to west facing house Vastu tips, the Main gate should be constructed in the North West direction for benefit to the members of the house.
  2. While buying a plot facing West, avoid T junction on any side of the plot.
  3. Install lead pyramids at South-West and brass pyramid at North-West zone for protection of West facing plot.
  4. Having slope towards the West direction is a Vastu defect that can lead to robbery and disputes among partners. It is ideal to have a slope towards North-East for West facing house.
  5. According to west facing house Vastu tips, constructing a borewell in North-East direction can help improve the energy of the house. Avoid borewell in the South-West direction. The water storage system should be located in the Eastern or Northern part at the back of your house.
  6. Make sure the walls in the South and West direction are higher and thicker than those in East and North direction.
  7. South-East is the ideal place for kitchen in West facing house. North-West is also suitable for kitchen but do not construct the kitchen in South-West direction.
  8. Considering west facing house Vastu, for the master bedroom, South-West is the ideal direction. In case there are multiple floors in a house facing West direction, then master bedroom should be on the top floor.
  9. You can have living room and puja room both in the North-East direction.
  10. The ideal place for kid's room is South, North-West or West.
  11. The auspicious place for guest bedroom is North-West.
  12. Avoid buying a plot or flat with extension in South or South-West.


west facing house vastu
 Plan for West Facing House Vastu

Wall Colors

 West-facing homes should be decorated with Vastu-neutral colours to maximize the positive energy coming from the west. White, silver, yellow, beige, off-white, and cream are all excellent choices for these homes. A light shade of blue can also be considered if the house is spread more towards the west. However, try to avoid overly bright colours, as this can overwhelm the space. With the right colours, you can create a harmonious atmosphere in your west facing home.

Garden and Plants

For a west-facing garden, it is important to find plants that can withstand the afternoon sun and summer heat. 

  • Tulips are a great choice, as they are easy to grow and come in a variety of colours. 
  • Roses can also be grown in west-facing gardens, and with over 300 different species and thousands of cultivars, you can find the perfect one for your garden. 
  • Daffodils are another great option as they are easy to grow and will burst into life during spring. 

All of these plants are affordable and will thrive in a west-facing garden.

Rashi/Zodiac Sign for West Facing House

West facing houses are considered as some of the best for people born under the Kumbha Rashi sign, and may also be suitable for Mithuna and Tula Rashi. According to Vastu and astrological experts, these homes will be blessed with good fortune and a sense of peace and harmony. People born under this sign need to ensure that their home is in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra, as it will help them to achieve their goals and objectives in life. In addition, the use of colors and symbols associated with the Kumbha Rashi should be incorporated into the home to ensure a balance of energies.


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Can pooja room be in West area?
2023-02-18 07:00:02 AM

Placing a puja room in the North-east zone of the home is the most suitable zone according to Vastu Shastra. However, if this is not available, the West or even East zone can be used as an alternative. It is important to ensure that the puja room is kept neat and clean, and that all the religious items placed in it are of good quality. Additionally, it is important to avoid clutter, as this can have a negative effect on the energy in the room.