Home Vastu Coloring Guide

Home Vastu Coloring Guide

Colors are the smiles of nature. They, just like features, follow the changes of emotions. Everything in the world has a level of energy associated with it. From the very little flower to the pixels on your screen, you are bound to see colors. They have a great significance in the world of Vastu,an ancient science associated with welcoming positive vibes into your home and eliminating gloominess. This article will make you acquainted with the certain rules and tips as a vastu coloring guide. 

They have an indefinite effect on a person’s mood. For e.g if any anxiety and depressed person is put in a room with all the black colors, he is bound to feel more gloomy and that pensive state he is in, is going to last for quite a time. Similarly, if you put a depressed man in a room filled with vibrating and enchanting colors, the gloominess is bound to go away. Vastu coloring guide ensures that your home is filled with vibrating colors in order to ensure an optimistic approach towards the difficulties of life. 

Underestimating the powers of colors is not something right according to vastu. This is the primary reason why vastu shastra has rules and guidelines for specific colors for the specific rooms in a house. They ensure prosperity and peace in your family if followed wisely and accordingly.

Room by Room Vastu Coloring Guide:

Every room in a house has a different significance such as a bedroom is for sleeping, living room is for family gathering and discussion, study room is for studying and so on. They all have a different aura associated with them and if they are colored according to the vastu guidelines, they ensure health, prosperity and wealth in a family. 

1. Colors for master bedroom Vastu coloring guide states that the master bedroom should be located in the South West direction of the home and since brown is the ruling color of SW direction, master bedroom can be painted in a brown color. This does not mean you need to paint the entire room brown. A combination of brown, pink and blue looks much better and it is bound to ensure relaxation and femininity with a touch of stability. 

2. Colors for kid’s room According to vastu coloring guide, shades of light yellow and light green are the best colors for a kid’s room. Yellow attracts sunlight which is bound to create a peaceful aura for studying and not wasting time. Moreover, using a dark blue color can lead to certain health issues such as cold and cough. Red is also prohibited for a kid’s room as it generates temper issues. 

3. Colors for living room A living room is the place where are the family and social gathering takes place, so they must be painted in welcoming and calm color shades. The ideal location of a living room is North West direction and since white color rules that direction, most of the living room should be painted in white color such as a ceiling. Some light shades for the walls such as blue, green, light yellow also welcomes health and prosperity. 

4. Colors for puja rooms North East is the ideal location for a puja room in the house according to the vastu coloring guide. The color of the puja room should be so serene so as to welcome the God’s blessings. Light shades of yellow, green, blue with a touch of cream and white are perfect for puja rooms. You should avoid using black and red colors for the prayer room as they attract darkness. 

5. Colors for kitchen The ideal location for a kitchen in a home is the South East corner which has a heavy “fire” element associated with it, so a kitchen should always have a tinge of red color in the arrangement. White, silver, yellow, orange, rose, light chocolate are the colors suitable for a kitchen room according to vastu. 

6. Colors for a washroom/bathroom The vastu coloring guide for your home states that the West is the ideal location for a washroom or bathroom in the home and since blue color is associated with west, they should always have a blue color in the arrangement. White and blue combination is the best though, you can still go for light green, light pink or lime green.

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Which color Ganesha is good according to Vastu?
2023-02-03 07:39:26 AM

White Ganesha, also known as Shweta Ganapati, is considered to be an important symbol of prosperity, wealth, and happiness. According to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that worshipping a white Ganesha brings with it luck, prosperity, and fortune. It is believed that one who worships Ganesha with a white idol will be blessed with success and abundance. Additionally, it is also said to bring peace and harmony to the home and the people residing within it. Thus, a white Ganesha is the perfect choice for those who are looking to attract prosperity and peace into their lives.