Vastu for Hostels

Vastu for Hostels

Vastu for hostel building is essential for maintaining peace, prosperity and success. It is important that the hostel is built according to the Vastu norms so that it is a safe and comfortable space for students to live and study.

Proper directions need to be followed in order to ensure that the balance of energies is maintained and that students do not experience any issues such as failure, suicide, strikes, or domination. With proper Vastu guidelines, students can be sure that they are living in a secure and harmonious environment, which will help them to focus on their studies.

General Hostel Vastu Tips and Guidelines

  1. All the rooms of the hostel should be constructed in a regular shape, preferably rectangular or square, to ensure auspiciousness and prevent any loss of name and goodwill.
  2. The stairs for the hostel should be constructed in the Southern or Western portion of the building.
  3. The South-western part of the hostel should be designated for the administration, staff and warden.
  4. The North-west should be designated for the students’ rooms, and the North-west should be used for the toilets.
  5. The South-east portion should be used for the canteen, and the North-eastern part should be reserved for a lawn or garden area.
  6. The North-eastern part of the building should be the designated garden area. There should be ample space for a variety of plants and trees. The garden should be accessible and easily maintainable. In addition, a comfortable seating area should be included in the garden to allow guests to relax and take in the beauty of nature.


It is important to ensure that Vastu principles are kept in mind when constructing hostel rooms for students.

  1. The bed in the hostel room should always be placed in such a way that the head is facing South or East and the feet towards North or West.
  2. It is also essential to avoid any beams in the hostel room, and if there are any, students should not be made to sit or sleep under them.
  3. The study table in the hostel room should be placed facing North or East, and should never be placed in front of the entrance.
  4. The eastern side of the hostel room should have maximum windows to let in natural morning sunlight, which is essential for students and their studies.

Shape of Building

It is important to ensure that the plot chosen for the hostel is evenly cut. According to Vastu Shastra, the building must be constructed in a square or rectangular shape in order to increase the flow of energy and bring positive energy to the hostel. This is because an irregular shape such as a circle or any other shape blocks the flow of energy and can lead to loss of name and goodwill. Therefore, it is essential to choose a plot that is evenly cut and of a square or rectangular shape.


Constructing the stairs in the southern or western portion of the hostel is the most suitable location, as these portions are best for covering, while the northern and eastern portions are left open for sunlight to enter. The stairs should be built in a manner that allows for easy access between floors and provides a safe and secure passage for students. Additionally, the stairs should be built in such a way that they are aesthetically pleasing and fit in with the overall design of the hostel.

Staff, Warden and Admin Rooms

The staff members present in the hostel are responsible for maintaining order and discipline within the hostel. They keep a close eye on the students and ensure that no disruption is created.

The staff rooms in the hostel should be located in the south-west part of the hostel to ensure maximum efficiency in maintaining discipline and decorum.  Additionally, the south-west part of the hostel is known to bring about harmony, discipline and conflict resolution. This is further beneficial to the staff members in creating an environment of order and peace.

Student Rooms

Hostels are beneficial for students, as they provide a home away from home and an environment conducive to studying.

Vastu advises that hostels should be built with the rooms in the north-west corner. This direction allows for the easy flow of positive energy in the hostel, increasing satisfaction, focus, harmony, and discipline among the students. Additionally, this direction is said to make the hostel a comfortable, welcoming place for students to stay. By following Vastu advice when constructing a student hostel, students will have a more enjoyable, comfortable stay.


In a hostel, there should be proper toilets made on every floor. Even some hostels offer a personal toilet in every room for the students. According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, the north-west direction is considered good for the construction of toilets. This direction keeps negative energies away from the room and keeps floor safe.


The South-east direction is the ideal location for the construction of a canteen in a hostel. This direction helps to bring fulfilment and provides a place for students to satisfy their cravings and hunger, while also maintaining good health. The canteen should also be stocked with a variety of food and drinks, so as to provide students with a range of options.

Garden or Lawn

North-eastern zone is an ideal spot for a garden or lawn area, as it is considered to be auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. The sunlight entering from this direction will bring positivity and joy to the hostel. The space can be used by students to relax, study, and spend time outdoors with their friends. It is a great way to get some fresh air and to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Placement of Beds

To ensure the bed is positioned in a way that is beneficial to the student, it is important to place the head of the bed in the south or east direction, and the feet of the bed facing the north or west direction. This sleeping position can help to reduce health problems, mental stress, and anxiety issues. Additionally, it is important to make sure the bed is not placed in front of the entrance.

Must Not Have Beams in Room

Many students feel immense pressure due to the presence of beams in their rooms. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, beams should be avoided in rooms, or if there is already a beam present, it is advisable to not sit or sleep under it. This is because the beam can cause mental stress and can even affect vision in some cases.

Study Table

The best way to place a study table in the room is to ensure it faces either north or east. This will ensure that the person studying is not exposed to the entrance of the room, and will also help keep the study table away from the wall. It is also important to maintain a certain gap between the wall and the study table to ensure proper air circulation.


It is also important to consider the size and type of window when constructing a room. Windows should be large enough to allow for natural ventilation and should be situated in the east, south, or west direction. This will allow for the sun to enter, bringing in positive energy, and will help the air flow and keep the room cooler. Windows should also be made of high-quality materials that are weatherproof, durable, and provide excellent insulation.