Vastu for Study Table

Vastu for Study Table

If you're looking for an article that will guide you about the best direction for study tables according to Vastu Shastra, you've come to the right place! This article will not only guide you about the best direction for your study table, but it will also provide you with other helpful tips on using study tables. So, if you're ready to learn more about this ancient Indian science and how it can benefit you, keep reading!

In many Indian households, the principles of Vastu Shastra are followed closely when buying furniture and placing them appropriately. Among other things, understanding the best direction for study tables is of utmost importance. Placing it in the correct direction as per the ancient Indian science of architecture, can increase the flow of positive energy and enhance its use.

Through this article, you will learn about the right study table direction according to Vastu and other tips about using study tables. By the time you finish reading this piece of writing, you will get a clear idea about the various benefits of the best direction for study  at home.

Choosing the Right Direction for Study Table at Home

Before we get you excited about the best direction for your study table, let us give you a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of arranging the study table in the direction prescribed by Vastu Shastra.

  1. One of the primary advantages of positioning the study desk in the right direction is that it induces a stimulating atmosphere, suitable for concentrating on the task in hand.
  2. It heightens the ability to absorb and remember facts.
  3. The general performance of students increases.
  4. It additionally helps diminish stress, worry and apprehension right before tests.
  5. Students feel more secure and equipped to manage exams.

What is the Best Direction for the Study Table according to Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, the two appropriate study table directions in the bedroom/study room are north and east. This is to say that the study table must be kept in such a way that the student faces the north or east direction when they sit to study. However, if you dive deep into this ancient science, you will find the best directions for study table are mentioned based on the kind of course/study one is pursuing. Here is a look at some of these:
Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that has been followed for centuries. It is believed to be based on the laws of nature, and is meant to bring balance and harmony to the environment. According to Vastu Shastra, the best direction for a study table is the north or east. This is because these directions are associated with knowledge and wisdom. However, there are also other directions that are considered to be good for certain types of studies. For example, the south is associated with creativity and the west is associated with leadership. It is important to choose the right direction for your study table based on the kind of study you are pursuing. Here is a look at some of these:

  • Political science students will have luck on their side if they choose to study at a desk that faces east!
  • South of south east direction is the ideal setting for students studying physical education, sports or yoga - it'll help them keep their energy and mental focus up.
  • If law studies are your forte, the southeast direction for your study table is the way to go, with Vastu recommending you face south while studying.
  • For competitive exam takers, the north direction while studying is the most auspicious - it holds the key to success and prosperity.
  • School students will find the west of southwest direction particularly suitable for them, while those studying home science and investment-related courses should opt for the northwest direction.

Direction to Avoid for the Study Table

East of the South-east, East of North-east, South of South-west, North of North-west, West of North-west and south are the directions that should be evaded when placing a study table. These directions are not suitable for learning and ought to be avoided as per Vastu. Engaging in these zones can impede the capacity to focus and understand. It is said to detrimentally affect the scholastic execution of a student.

Other Vastu Tips for Study Room 

Looking for the perfect study table to help your student excel academically? Read on to learn about Vastu Shastra's best tips for choosing the direction, colour, shape, and material of the ideal study table. 

  • Shape of the Table: Go for a classic rectangular or square design. While designer tables in irregular shapes may be tempting, Vastu Shastra recommends avoiding them as they don't exude good energy.
  • Material of the Table: The best material for a study table is high-quality wood. This ensures the table is sturdy and durable.
  • Colour of the Table: Choose a light hue such as white, cream or yellow. Dark colours are said to block energy and decrease productivity levels, so it's best to avoid them. Light hues attract positive energy and boost the power to concentrate.

Choosing the Shape of the Study Table - Which One to Pick? 

No matter how amazing your study table looks, it won't be of any use if it doesn't follow Vastu guidelines. While rectangular and square-shaped study tables are both practical options, the latter is considered to be the best option according to Vastu rules.

For rectangular-shaped study tables, make sure that the ratio is more than 1:2. With the right shape and design, your study table will be an excellent addition to your study room.

Create a Positive Study Environment with the Right Study Table Colour!

A study table is the place where a person concentrates and does their work. To ensure improved levels of concentration, Vastu experts recommend opting for light or neutral colour palettes for the study table. Choose from hues like Green, light-green, pastel blue, cream, and white to bring out positive energy. These colours are soothing and have a calming effect that helps in better focus. Lights colours are the best.

If you already have a dark-coloured study table, Vastu experts suggest covering it with a warm white or neutral colour table cloth to eliminate any Vastu dosh. Create a study environment conducive to productivity with the right study table colour.

Placement and Arrangement Tips for Study Table

Some tips for arranging and placing the study table, as per Vastu are as follows:

  1. Once you select the perfect route for the study table, according to Vastu, you must also guarantee that it is situated a couple of inches from the wall. This will permit the flow of energy and help you concentrate better. It will likewise upgrade innovativeness.
  2. The study table must be kept perfect consistently. There ought to be no confusion on or around the table as it will draw in negative energy and make a diversion. The individual utilizing the study table must inculcate the propensity for cleaning the table subsequent to each study meeting. Other than keeping all the stuff systematically, it is additionally essential to wipe off any residue and earth from the table.
  3. A vacant wall before the study table isn't considered ideal. Be that as it may, if the game plan of your room is like this, at that point it is prescribed to stay a couple of inspirational statements on the wall or hang a delicate board where understudies can stay their to-do records and other important/rousing things.
  4. Ensure you put the light on the left side of the study table.

Direction to Face While Studying

As a parent, you want your child to achieve great success in their studies. But did you know that the direction they face while studying can play a role in their academic performance? 

  • A Science student should face the west for best results.
  • Law, Defense, sales and marketing students should face the south while studying.
  • Students with Arts or Religious fields should face the east while studying.
  • Students studying politics or administration should face the north. It's also beneficial for people pursuing CA, CS, Accounts, Banking. and finances.
  • A research student should face the east of the southeast zone.
  • Lastly, an MBA or aspiring IAS student should study in the North-east zone.

By taking into consideration the right direction for your child's study table, you can ensure that your child has the best chance of success.

Things to Keep on Study Table 

Crafting the perfect study environment is essential for efficient learning. To get the best results, follow these top tips! 

  • Light It Up: According to Vastu principles, a lamp should be placed in the southeast corner of the table to bring optimism and focus.
  • Get Rid of Clutter: An orderly study table is the key to creativity and concentration. Keep it clean, and free of distractions. The table should always be tidy.
  • Motivate Yourself: Use motivational posters and pictures to stay focused on your goals. Change them up every now and then to keep your enthusiasm high.
  • A crystal globe should be kept in the study room as it is considered auspicious for studies and brings positive development.

Ideal pictures for a Vastu friendly study room

Vastu-compliant study rooms not only promote good energy, but can also be personalized with pictures and idols that relate to the room's purpose. Here are just some of the framed photographs and murtis we can keep in our study rooms for a little extra luck and knowledge:

  • Goddess Saraswati: The goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and art, Saraswati is the perfect addition to any study room.
  • Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha is the god of letters and learning, and his energy can help students overcome any difficulties they face while learning a new subject.
  • Garuda: The vehicle of Lord Vishnu, Garuda is known for his sharp vision and powerful intellect. Place his image in the study room to improve your intellectual capabilities.
  • Nandi Bull: Nandi Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva, is known for his comprehensive knowledge. Hang his picture in the study room to broaden your knowledge.
  • Gayatri Mantra: The Hindu belief that reciting the Gayatri Mantra bestows insight and immense knowledge can be brought to life with a framed image of the mantra on the study table.

General Vastu tips for designing Vastu perfect study room

After a brief overview of the Vastu-compliant study room and some helpful Vastu tips for students' better performance, we present some engaging advice about do's and don'ts for designing a study room according to Vastu.

What To Do

  • A strong wall behind your seat is essential for studying - it’s your power source, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • Computers? Place them in the southeast direction.
  • You should opt for wooden furniture instead of plastic or metal, and stow books away in closed cabinets rather than leaving them scattered on the table.
  • Vastu Shastra also suggests fixing storage cabinets of books on the south or west walls of the study room.
  • Most importantly, keep the centre of the study room free for best results.

What Not To Do

  • We should never put a mirror in the study room. According to ‘Vastu Shastra,’ mirror reflection has increased our workload, stress, and anxiety.
  • High-powered light over any student makes him feel unnecessary pressure.
  • Oval or circular or oddly-shaped study tables are not ideal for students as per Vastu.
  • The study table should not be too big or too small. It affects a child’s working capacity.
  • A student must not confront a blank wall. It affects a student’s mood and eagerness to study.
  • Distracting pictures or posters in the study room should be better avoided.
  • Dark hues like black and red take in negativity from the environment. It would be best if you stayed away from these shades for study room walls.
  • Do not keep broken pencils or pens on the study table.
  • Sitting with your back to the door is not a good idea, according to ‘Vastu Shastra.’
  • The study room should never be constructed directly under the staircase.
  • Washroom attracts negativity according to study room Vastu. So, if you as a parent plan to make a study room for your child, better avoid this. But if it is unavoidable, you must not place the study table confronting the toilet or washroom.
  • You must prevent any bed or sofa in the study room. It creates laziness in a child.