Vastu Tips for Auspicious West Facing House

Many people believe that Vastu Shastra doesn’t consider a West facing house to be auspicious. West facing house vastu is something people usually ignore all together. But for a house filled with harmony and prosperity, it is recommended to follow the vastu tips even if the direction of your house is in west. A West direction oriented house can also be auspicious as North or East facing house provided it is compliant with certain Vastu rules.

If your are having a West facing house or planning to buy one then here are some Vastu rules you must keep in mind.

 West facing house vastu tips to ensure prosperity and health :

1. According to west facing house vastu tips, the Main gate should be constructed in the North West direction for benefit to the members of the house.

2. While buying a plot facing West, avoid T junction on any side of the plot.

3. Install lead pyramids at South-West and brass pyramid at North-West zone for protection of West facing plot.

4. Having slope towards the West direction is a Vastu defect that can lead to robbery and disputes among partners. It is ideal to have a slope towards North-East for West facing house.

5. According to west facing house vastu tips, constructing a borewell in North-East direction can help improve the energy of the house. Avoid borewell in the South-West direction. The water storage system should be located in the Eastern or Northern part at the back of your house.

6. Make sure the walls in the South and West direction are higher and thicker than those in East and North direction.

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7. South-East is the ideal place for kitchen in West facing house. North-West is also suitable for kitchen but do not construct the kitchen in South-West direction.

8. Considering west facing house vastu, for the master bedroom, South-West is the ideal direction. In case there are multiple floors in a house facing West direction, then master bedroom should be on the top floor.

9. You can have living room and puja room both in the North-East direction.

10. The ideal place for kid’s room is South, North-West or West.

11. The auspicious place for guest bedroom is North-West.

12. Avoid buying a plot or flat with extension in South or South-West.


west facing house vastu
Plan for west facing house vastu

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