North East Kitchen Vastu

North East Kitchen Vastu

The kitchen in the south-east and south direction of the flat are considered the most favorable directions as per Vastu Shastra. The kitchen in the east or west direction can be admissible with additional measures, but it is highly advised to avoid the kitchen in the south-west, north-west, north and north-east direction as these directions can have dangerous consequences.

Having a kitchen in the south-west direction can cause a disruption in the marriage relationship. Building the kitchen in the north-west direction is never advisable. Food prepared in the north direction can lead to fear, anxiety, disobedience and other negative emotions. Building a kitchen in the north-east direction can lead to a lack of opportunities, obstructing the flow of emotions and love in the house.

Therefore, it is best to take all necessary measures to ensure that the kitchen is built in the south-east or south direction of the flat as per Vastu Shastra

North-east Kitchen is good or Bad?

Occupying the corner of God's will, the northeastern part of a house is filled with positive and energizing forces, and having a kitchen within this sector may diminish and convert this positive energy to a negative one.


North-East Kitchen: Common Problems and Side Effects

Northeast kitchen will lead to an increase in the amount of difficulties and hindrances in life. Kitchen is a symbol of wealth. The optimal position of Kitchen is Southeast and Northeast is the direction of God, the place of prayer. Vastu dictates that having a kitchen in the north east corner can cause issues for a family. The north east is associated with the water element and cooking is associated with the fire element. Fire and water are contradictory, so the fire element can damage the positive energy from the north east zone.

These are some of the issues that can arise if the Kitchen is located in North-east.

Financial Difficulties: The money that you make will be either spent on unnecessary things or wasted.

Cluttered House: The house will not be clean and disorganized if you have a Northeast Kitchen.
The house will always seem like a mess. This has a negative effect on the financial well-being of the occupants.

Study: Students will not be able to focus on their studies. Even with a lot of effort, their results will remain average.

Health: The breadwinner or elderly people in such houses will constantly endure health issues. This will lead to extra expenses on hospital bills.
A kitchen in Northeast will create mental strain for the inhabitants and they will suffer great losses.

Marriage: No timely marriages if there are eligible Boy or Girls Marriages can break without any cause.

Sadness for Women: Women in such houses are always concerned and have a lack of


Placing a Vastu Kalash in the north-eastern corner of your kitchen is an effective way to correct the Vastu dosh. It is important to ensure that the Vastu Kalash is placed at a minimum distance from your gas stove and oven for it to be effective. Additionally, it is best to opt for a Siddha Vastu Kalash as it is one of the most effective northeast corner Vastu remedies. With this remedy, you can be sure that your kitchen will be in harmony with the Vastu principles.

Points to help fix problems with North East Kitchen // checklist:

  1. Keep the gas stove in the South-East corner of this [NE] kitchen.
  2. Keep Northeast empty, clean, and without clutter.
  3. If a window is in the Northeast corner, keep it open. Give an exhaust fan here.
  4. Position Agni Yantra in Southeast corner and venerate God Shiva.
  5. Place Sampurna Badha Dosh Nivaran Yantra in the Puja place.
  6. Expand Northeast corner of the kitchen either towards East or North.
  7. Create Pooja / prayer place or washing zone in this extended section.
  8. Put the image of Goddess Annapurna in the Northeast corner.
  9. Color the Kitchen walls with Lemon yellow hues.
  10. Construct a Mini kitchen in the Southeast corner (the original place of Fire [kitchen]), by merely placing a table or wooden stool in the Southeast corner of that space and Boil milk or cook something daily. This will stimulate the fire in Southeast and lessen the negativity of Northeast kitchen.


Follow these Vaastu Tips for an Ideal Kitchen:

  1. Never build a kitchen below or above a Puja / Prayer room or a Toilet.
  2. Don't locate a kitchen directly above or below a bedroom.
  3. The cooking gas should not be visible from the kitchen's entry or the main entrance.

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Most Popular Answers for Kitchen
Which Direction Is Best for the Kitchen?
2023-02-28 05:27:14 AM

The kitchen should be positioned in the south-east direction as it is ruled by Agni, the God of Fire. This means that the kitchen will be blessed with the energy of the sun, which will activate the fire element in the environment. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is ideal for cooking and entertaining. Additionally, having the kitchen facing the south-east direction can bring good luck and wealth to the home.

Which Colour Is Best for the Kitchen According to Vastu?
2023-02-28 05:26:29 AM

White is a great colour choice for the kitchen according to vastu. It is soothing and calming, which helps create a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. Additionally, white is known to bring positive energy into the home, which is beneficial for the entire family. White is also a versatile colour and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen, such as in cabinets, countertops, appliances, and paint. With white in the kitchen, you can easily change the look and feel of the space with just a few pieces of furniture or accessories.

Can We Keep Mandir in Bedroom or Kitchen?
2023-02-18 06:54:01 AM

Make sure to leave some space between your bed and the wall, as well as between it and the pooja room. Additionally, try to place your bed in a way that your head is close to the window for adequate sunlight and ventilation. This will help in keeping the air quality of your bedroom clean and healthy.

Which direction is not good for kitchen based on Vastu?
2023-02-10 02:04:18 PM

The location of the kitchen is very important when planning your home based on Vastu. According to the principles of Vastu, the North East, North and East direction should be avoided for the kitchen. This is because the energy of these directions is too powerful for the kitchen and it may cause harm to the occupants. The main door of the house should also not face the kitchen. Also kitchen and bathroom door should not be opposite to each other as this can create a negative energy flow.

Is It OK to Have Kitchen in North East According to Vastu?
2023-02-10 02:01:16 PM

It is important to note that the kitchen should never be situated in the North East or North, this adversely affects one's career. Also, it is recommended that the kitchen should not face the main door of the house, as this may bring bad luck. Alto note that the kitchen and bathroom door should not be opposite to each other, as this can also bring bad luck.

The kitchen should be located in the South East or West for prosperity and success. The kitchen should be planned away from the main door of the house to ensure better health. The kitchen and bathroom door should not be opposite to each other to allow for the good flow of energy.