Vastu for Wardrobe

Vastu for Wardrobe

Placement of Almirah at Home, as Per Vastu

An almirah plays a significant role in the flow of energies in your home. From placing cash to hanging your daily wear clothes, it impacts the positive and negative vibrations of the person. Almirah is one of the big pieces of furniture that takes a lot of space and affects the house's d├ęcor and so, it is vital to place the almirah correctly in all possible ways.

Following Vastu tips allows you to know the correct size and helps you to put the almirah in the right direction for money-related matters and harmonious existence.  Almirah should be placed in a way that it does not obstruct the flow of air or block the wall of the bedroom. This will ensure that the wall is protected from any damage, as well as making it easier to clean around the almirah or wardrobe.

Moreover, the almirah should not be placed in an area where it will be difficult to access. If the almirah is blocking a pathway, it is best to move it to another spot. Although the placement and direction of the almirah is important, it is also important to remember that the success and fortune of the family does not solely depend on it. The location and position of the bedroom within the house itself also plays a role.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the position of the bedroom in relation to the almirah, as well as the position of the almirah within the bedroom itself.

Wardrobe Colours as Per Vastu 

According to Vastu, When selecting colors for your wardrobe or almirah, it is important to remember to choose colors that are not too bright or eye-catching, it should be of light colour. Light colors such as pastel shades are a great choice for a bedroom almirah, as they give off a calming and soothing vibe. Additionally, incorporating different shades of the same color can create an interesting and unique look.

Consider using the original colours of these materials, such as light browns and beiges, which will add a peaceful vibe to the room. Pastels, whites and creams are also great for a more neutral look, while adding a bit more colour to the room can be achieved by incorporating shades of yellow and light grey. Remember, the colours you choose should be light and muted, as bright and bold hues can be overwhelming in a bedroom.

Mirrors in Bedroom

Mirrors can be an important part of any bedroom and can add to the overall ambiance. However, based on the principles of Vastu it is important to ensure that your mirrors are placed in the right way. Placing them in the bedroom is not ideal, as it can lead to unnecessary quarrels and bafflement. If you absolutely must have a mirror in the bedroom, make sure it is not in direct view of your bed.

The reflection in the mirror can distract you from your sleep and lead to deeper issues. It can also be a doorway to the subconscious, so it is best to be cautious. If you don't have any other option, you can cover the mirror surface with a curtain. This will help to reduce the reflection and create a more peaceful environment in the room.

Material to Use for Furniture

It is always best to choose wooden almirahs instead of marble or other stone material while choosing an almirah. Also, make sure the Almirahs do not touch the wall, this will help increase the live of wood as well.

Keeping Cash in the Almirah

If you plan to keep cash in the almirah, make sure the almirah is placed on a leveled platform and preferably on the highest shelf. Additionally, the cash locker should always be placed in front of the North door of the almirah, while jewelry should be kept towards the west or the southern side.

Placing the almirah towards North can lead to losing cash unnecessarily and all of a sudden, so it should be avoided. North is said to be the direction of Lord Kuber and placing your almirah to keep cash in the very same direction can usher in great wealth for the bread-earner of the family.

Best Direction for Wardrobe as Per Vastu

According to vastu, the best placement for a wardrobe in a bedroom is in the southwest direction. This will allow for the positive energy to flow throughout the room. It is important to make sure that the doors of the wardrobe open towards either north or east direction for optimal energy flow.

Almirah and Wardrobe Doors

It is important to take the time to make sure that cabinet doors open to full capacity. This will help ensure that there are no obstructions in the way that can slow down your progress.

You should also ensure that the hinges are well oiled, and there is no dirt or debris trapped between the doors. You should never leave wallets or house keys on the flat surface above the cabinet. This can lead to negative energy accumulating, and it is best to avoid this.

Taking the time to ensure that your cabinets are in proper condition and free of obstructions will help you achieve success in every area of your life.

Bedroom Storage

To ensure a good night's sleep, it is important to keep the area around the bed free from clutter. This means no drawers, boxes, or other storage items should be placed near or under the bed. Wardrobes are often the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom and should be placed a bit far away for bed.

In addition, any cabinets or shelves above the headboard should be avoided to prevent a sense of confinement and disruption of energy. With a clear and open space, the body and mind can rest and rejuvenate.

Safes and Money Boxes

To ensure that the money tap keeps flowing, it is important to place the back of the safe towards the south, ruled by Rahu, a powerful planet in Vedic astrology. The door should always open towards the north, which is ruled by Kuber, the Hindu god of wealth. This will help to create an atmosphere of abundance and prosperity in the home.

Shoe Racks

When choosing a shoe rack cabinet, consider the style and color that best complements your home. Choose a cabinet that will be easy to keep clean and free of dust. For extra protection, opt for a shoe rack cabinet with a door to keep dust and dirt out. Make sure that your shoe rack is well ventilated to prevent odors from building up. Finally, ensure that the shoe rack has enough space for all your shoes and accessories.

Vastu-Compliant Wardrobe Design

  1. According to Vastu Shastra, a wardrobe should always be wooden to bring prosperity.
  2. When placing almirah in the bedroom, wood is considered a very auspicious material as per Vastu Shastra. It signifies life and any item made of wood is said to bring prosperity and positive vibes. This is the reason why many prefer to have wooden furniture in their homes, as well as use wood in the interiors and decor.
  3. However, the wood used in the furniture should be solid wood and not engineered wood. Also, the furniture should not have any curves, as per Vastu.

Some General Tips and Guidelines for Wardrobe Direction

  1. The master bedroom should be designed in such a way that it is larger than the other bedrooms in the house.
  2. It should be located in the southwest corner or on the top floor of a multi-storied building.
  3. For the best results, the master bedroom should be built facing the South or West wall. This will help create a more comfortable atmosphere and provide extra protection from the elements.
  4. To ensure the smooth flow of positive energy, it is best to place wardrobes or cabinets in the south-west direction. If that is not possible, the north-west direction is also suitable. However, any heavy almirah should be placed either on the south or the west wall.
  5. To avoid any interference with the flow of positive energy, make sure to leave at least three inches of space between the back of the wardrobe and the wall; this would prevent loss of cash.
  6. Additionally, furniture should have their doors facing either the east or the south direction.
  7. When choosing colors for cabinets, it is advised to go for lighter colors. It's always a good idea to go with colours like white.
  8. In terms of shape, it is better to opt for regular shapes such as squares or rectangles, and avoid unbalanced shapes such as ovals, circles or triangles.
  9. Furthermore, it is better to use regular materials like wood when constructing the cabinets or cupboards instead of more expensive materials like marble or other stones.
  10. Finally, when it comes to wardrobes with mirrors, it is best to avoid mirrors that reflect the person sleeping on the bed as this can attract negative energies and affect the health of the individual.
  11. To ensure that family members are not disrupted or quarreling, it is important to ensure that the wardrobe doors are always opened towards the east. This will prevent any negative energy from entering the home, and will also provide the family with peace and harmony.


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2023-03-04 05:29:47 AM

According to Feng Shui principles, neutrals, pastels, and whites are often recommended as the best colors for a north-facing home. These colors create a sense of balance and harmony, and they can help to maximize the flow of energy throughout the home. So if you're looking to create a serene and inviting space, consider incorporating these colors into your decor.

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The entrance door placement and the direction of your valuables locker should be carefully considered. It is highly recommended to place your valuables in the south-west corner of your home as it is considered the most auspicious direction for wealth and prosperity.

What is the best time to grow a money plant at home?
2023-02-22 07:54:07 AM

Money plants are easy to look after and require minimal maintenance. During the summer season, make sure to water your money plants twice a week and provide some sunlight to them. In winter, water them once a week, as the cold temperatures can cause the soil to dry up quickly. You can also mist the leaves to keep them healthy. Additionally, you can use fertilizer every month to keep your money plants strong and healthy.

In which direction the Money Plant Should be Kept at Home?
2023-02-22 07:53:19 AM

Money plants should be placed in the south direction as per Vastu, as this is associated with expression and fame. This will help improve the financial status of the residents and bring in prosperity. It is important to note that the northeast and east-west directions should be avoided, as this could lead to financial losses and disagreements. Additionally, it is best to keep the money plant in a well-lit spot and water it regularly to ensure its growth and prosperity.

Which direction should god idols face in home?
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To ensure good Vastu for the puja room, it is best to position the idols in the west or south zone. While an east facing position is possible, avoid a north facing one at all costs.