Vastu Tips for Servant Room

Vastu Tips for Servant Room

Most urban houses in cities have provisions for servant rooms or servant quarters. A servant is also considered as an equivalent member of the family. It is auspicious for the house members to follow the Vastu tips for servant room to ensure harmony as well as peace in the place. It is important for every room to be designed and used in compliance with the Vastu so as to enable them to emit positive cosmic vibes that helps in actually restoring the peaceful environment of the home. 

A servant has endless responsibilities and hence needs to be treated properly. But sometimes due to lack of space, they end up staying at some corner of most flats. Now ideally you are required to allocate a room that will help your family enjoy wealth and peace. While constructing a house, many people ponder over whether they should have a separate servant room in the house. For some, it’s possible to construct a separate servant room or servant quarter and some make their servants sleep in the kitchen or pantry areas.

 Following the Vastu tips for servant room in the house helps in the proper relationship between the employee and the employer. Servants or labors are people who help us with our household tasks and take care of us. Vastu is a Vedic science which tells the significance of proper location and placement of different rooms and people in the house. According to Vastu, a servant room has to be placed properly too else there will be a lot of problems with the servants and the house owners.

Some important Vastu tips for servant room to keep in mind, according to Vastu experts:

  • Servant rooms should never be constructed in the northeast or southwest direction of the house. Doing so will lead the servant to commit robbery or disrespect the owner.
  • According to Vastu tips for servant room, it should be kept clean and without any expensive metal items. The room should be devoid of costly electronics or gadgets too.
  • Warm and soothing colors should be done on the walls to bring in calmness and peace of mind for the servants; white works good.
  • The servant room should have some free space to move about and they should not be made to cramp up.
  • The food for the servants should not be cooked in the servant room.
  • It is considered auspicious to place a tulsi plant in the northeast corner outside the house.
  • A servant room should never touch the south-eastern corner of the house.

This is an important factor in building a new house and these above-mentioned tips should not be ignored, to have proper control over the servant. If the servant room is not properly placed according to Vastu tips for servant room, then it will lead to conflicts between the house owners and the servants and they may even try to commit wrong deeds leading to tension in the family.

Things to Avoid based on Vastu for Servant room

  1. It is important to keep a close eye on the level of the floor of the servant's room as per Vastu. It should not be higher than the main building's floor. Placing the servant room in the North-East or South-West direction can lead to potential theft or robbery.
  2. To ensure safety and security, it is best to avoid keeping the servant room in contact with the South-Eastern corner of the house. This will help with better mindset of the servant.
  3. Additionally, to be on the safe side, avoid placing any expensive or metallic items in the servant's room.
  4. The servant room is not suitable for expensive items and electrical equipment. It is best to store these items in a more secure and protected location.
  5. It is important to remember that servants should not be allowed to sleep in the kitchen or be given a place above the master's bedroom. This could create an imbalance of power, as the servant might begin to feel superior and try to dominate the owner. Furthermore, it could bring bad luck to the owner, as it would be like the servant is sharing their luck. Therefore, it is important to keep the servant's quarters separate from the master's and never give them a place above the bedroom.

Right Location for Maid Room in a Flat

The best place for a servant's quarters is in the Northwest direction according to Vastu. This direction is considered auspicious and it promotes positive thinking and efficient work flow. It is important to ensure that the door to the servant quarters is located in the right direction to avoid any misdeeds or fraud. Additionally, it is essential for the servant to be able to find their way around the house easily. 

The Northeast direction is also beneficial for the servant quarters, as it creates happiness and prosperity for the owner of the house. On the other hand, it is best to avoid the Southwest direction if possible, as it is considered inauspicious for servant quarters constructions. 

Vastu science has a detailed layout of all the directions in a house and their significance. One can see drastic changes in one’s lifestyle and life on implementing a few directional changes in the house.

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