Vastu Tips for Home Interior

Vastu Tips for Home Interior

It is important to remember that the interiors of a house must also be designed in accordance with Vastu Shastra. The placement of furniture, artwork and other decorative elements must follow the principles of Vastu. For example, the bedroom must face east or west, the kitchen should be located in the south-east corner of the house, the prayer room must be in the north-east corner, etc. Additionally, mirrors should never be placed in the bedroom, and the main entrance should be in the north or east direction. Following these tips can help create a positive Vastu energy in the home.

Thus, when it comes to the décor of a home, it is necessary to ensure that the Vastu norms are being followed. Some of the basic dos and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to Vastu for interiors are:

  1. Use light colours on the walls and furniture of the house to create a sense of calmness and peace.
  2. Avoid mirror placement in the bedroom as it leads to disturbed sleep.
  3. Place the bed in the south-west direction of the house.
  4. Place heavy furniture in the south-west direction.
  5. The kitchen should be in the south-east direction or the north-west direction.
  6. Avoid placing idols of deities in the kitchen.
  7. Place a water fountain in the north-east direction for positive energy.
  8. Avoid using the dark colours in the house.

Following the above tips, you can ensure that the interior décor of your home is in sync with Vastu Shastra and create a positive energy in your home.

Impact of each area based on Vastu

Experts point out that interior décor elements, such as the colour of the wall, entrance of the house, positioning of the furniture and placement of the temple, are all essential considerations when it comes to creating a healthy and prosperous home. 

  • It is important to consider the position of the kitchen, as it is related to the health and wealth of the family.
  • The interiors of a bedroom can have an impact on the health, career and personal life of those who live in it.
  • The position of the pooja room can affect the prosperity and peace of the house.
  • Placing mirrors in various places in the house can also have an impact on health and happiness.
  • The correct placement of furniture is important for maintaining balance of energy and thus, for having good health and mental peace.
  • Also the choice of colours for various sections of the house can also have a specific impact on the environment.


How to Follow Some Simple Vastu Rules When Planning the Interiors

The entrance of a home is the gateway to positive energy, so it’s important to ensure that it is designed according to Vastu Shastra. The entrance should be in the east, as it allows for the sun to bring in light and positivity. The interior design of a house should include the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and space, to ensure harmony. 

The furniture and accessories should be arranged in a way that follows the principles of Vastu, such as ensuring that the entrance is in the east. Additionally, each colour has a positive and negative effect according to Vastu, so it is important to be aware of this when designing the interiors of a house. By following Vastu principles, it is believed that households can be blessed with prosperity, health and welfare.

A Simple Vastu Checklist to Follow for Interiors•

  • It is important to ensure that all the furniture and tiles in the kitchen are not black in color.
  • It is not advisable to face a mirror when sleeping or sitting.
  • The best direction to face while studying or reading is east-facing.
  • One should not sleep in the north direction.
  • The north-east corner should be kept clean and free of clutter.
  • Dim lights should be avoided in any part of the house.


The main entrance of your home should be inviting and inviting to positive energy. To ensure this, it is important to place the main door in the right direction, preferably the north, east or north-east. Make sure the door opens inwards, as this will help to promote the flow of positive energy. 

Keep the space outside of the main door bright, as this will help to promote the growth of positive energy. Avoid painting the main door black, as this will be associated with negativity. Additionally, avoid placing a water-centric element such as a fountain or pond near the entrance. Instead, adorn it with torans or nameplates, as this will help to create a welcoming environment. 

Lastly, make sure to avoid placing a shoe rack or dustbin near the main entrance, as this could lead to the stagnation of energy. Following these tips will ensure that your main entrance promotes the flow of positive energy, and you can feel the good vibes instantly!

Meditation Room

Creating a meditation or spiritual room should be done with great care and thoughtfulness. 

  1. Start by choosing the right location. The east or north-east part of your home is ideal and can help you tap into the positive energy of the sun and the moon.
  2. When meditating, try to face east, as this will help to further increase the positivity.
  3. Decorating the room is also important, as it helps to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  4. Consider incorporating a sacred altar and decorating it with candles, incense sticks and other sacred objects.
  5. Colour is also important. White, beige, light yellow and green are all great colour options for the meditation/spiritual room, as they help to create a calming atmosphere.

Brahmasthan or Courtyard

To ensure the Brahmasthan radiates limitless energy, it is important to keep the area clean and free of any obstructions. Additionally, the placement of the kitchen, bathroom or pillar/beam should be avoided as this will attract negative energy and can lead to health issues for family members. To maximize positive energy in the Brahmasthan, it is also important to keep the circumference of 1.5 to 2 metres free from any built-up areas.


Paintings and pictures of natural scenes such as flowers, trees, and rivers can also be used to create a more peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom. Other pictures that represent love, such as a painting of two people embracing, can be kept in the bedroom to promote harmony and passion. 

Pictures of birds and animals can also be used to bring in positive energy. You can also hang pictures that represent wealth and prosperity, such as a painting of a golden chariot or a picture of a full moon. Whatever images you decide to use, make sure that they convey a positive message and will help you create a calming and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.


The beauty of indoor plants not only adds to the visual aesthetics of the home, but they can also bring in positive energy into the house. Tulsi, an auspicious plant, is believed to bring prosperity to all in the house. As per Vastu Shastra, this plant should be placed in the north-east, east or north direction of the house. Money plants are said to attract luck and prosperity and should be kept in the south-east corner of the room. Decorate the interiors of the home by keeping money plants in colourful bottles or create a green vertical wall with this creeper.

Bamboo plants are also said to keep negative energies away and restore balance. As per Vastu Shastra, it should be placed in the east or south-east direction. Other auspicious plants such as a jade, jasmine and peace lily can also be kept at home for good luck. Proper care should be taken for these plants in order for them to thrive and bring in positive energy.

Lighting Tips

  1. To ensure a Vastu-compliant interior design, one must ensure proper lighting throughout the home.
  2. All areas should have enough natural light, and any broken or fused bulbs must be changed or repaired immediately.
  3. The main door should always be lit. Floor and table lamps should have enough shades to prevent glare and harsh lighting in the living room.
  4. In the kitchen, uniform lighting should be provided, with minimum shadows.
  5. Inside the storage area and pantry, provide lighting as well.
  6. The maximum number of light fixtures should be placed on the north or east walls, as it is believed to bring good luck.
  7. Spotlights should be placed in the south zone to potentially boost career prospects.
  8. To illuminate the home in style and bring positive energy, candles should be placed in the south or south-west corner.
  9. Placing a spotlight over a family picture on the south-west wall is believed to bring good luck and keep the family healthy.


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In which colors can we paint our north facing home?
2023-03-04 05:29:47 AM

According to Feng Shui principles, neutrals, pastels, and whites are often recommended as the best colors for a north-facing home. These colors create a sense of balance and harmony, and they can help to maximize the flow of energy throughout the home. So if you're looking to create a serene and inviting space, consider incorporating these colors into your decor.

What is the most important thing to consider in a north-facing home?
2023-03-04 05:28:43 AM

The entrance door placement and the direction of your valuables locker should be carefully considered. It is highly recommended to place your valuables in the south-west corner of your home as it is considered the most auspicious direction for wealth and prosperity.

What is the best time to grow a money plant at home?
2023-02-22 07:54:07 AM

Money plants are easy to look after and require minimal maintenance. During the summer season, make sure to water your money plants twice a week and provide some sunlight to them. In winter, water them once a week, as the cold temperatures can cause the soil to dry up quickly. You can also mist the leaves to keep them healthy. Additionally, you can use fertilizer every month to keep your money plants strong and healthy.

In which direction the Money Plant Should be Kept at Home?
2023-02-22 07:53:19 AM

Money plants should be placed in the south direction as per Vastu, as this is associated with expression and fame. This will help improve the financial status of the residents and bring in prosperity. It is important to note that the northeast and east-west directions should be avoided, as this could lead to financial losses and disagreements. Additionally, it is best to keep the money plant in a well-lit spot and water it regularly to ensure its growth and prosperity.

Which direction should god idols face in home?
2023-02-18 06:59:24 AM

To ensure good Vastu for the puja room, it is best to position the idols in the west or south zone. While an east facing position is possible, avoid a north facing one at all costs.