Vastu Tips for Commercial Shops

Vastu Tips for Commercial Shops

It is a fact that not all shops in the same market do equally well, despite selling the same wares. Some shops that are in compliance with the vastu tips for commercial shops are more popular and appear to attract larger crowds. As a result, they do brisk business.

Others, however, remain empty, despite alluring interiors and promotional gimmicks. We may think that the nature of the shop owners or their salesmanship skills makes them popular and win them, dedicated customers. But the location of the shop, exteriors including the slope and shape of the plot, placement of interiors, direction for the entrance, exit etc. also plays an equally important role in making a shop/business prosper.

Following are the Vastu tips for commercial shops which should be kept considered while construction:

1. An ideal shop should be square-shaped or rectangular or have a front wider than the rear. However, triangular or irregular shaped shops or those with a narrow front and wide rear should be avoided, as they lead to financial loss and mental tensions.

2. Make sure that the entrance to your shop is in the northeast or east direction. This would help you in attracting the maximum number of prospective clients.

3. Every shop has a cash counter. You must make sure that the cash counter should always be installed in the position where it can open towards the north direction. If the shop also has a cash or locker room then it should be installed in the south-western portion of the shop and the entrance of the room must always be in the northern portion.

4. According to Vastu tips for commercial shops, the head manager or the owner of the shop must always sit in the south or the west direction as this is most profitable for them. They should face towards the north or east direction.

5. The shop or the showroom must never be of an irregular shape as this can create various different problems for you. Always try to purchase a shop which squares or rectangular in shape. This would help in generating maximum profits for your business.

6. If you have extended the shop then make sure that it is not in the wrong direction and it should also not face any type or irregularities. Any type of irregularity can be very bad for the business and you might have to face losses.

7. If you are placing statues or pictures of deities in your shop then make sure that they are always kept in the northeast position and in the right direction. This would be highly beneficial for your business.

8. Raw materials and other types of heavy kinds of stuff must always be kept in the south-western portion of the room in order to bring good luck.

9. If you have installed other electronic equipment in your shops like computers, television, refrigerator, and microwave then it would be better for you to keep all these gadgets in the south-eastern corner of your showroom for maximum benefits according to vastu tips for commercial shops.

10. The doors of your showroom or shop should never make additional noise as this would bring bad luck to the area.

11. Hot selling items are best placed in the north-west, the quadrant of air, which aids movement.

12. The cash counter should open towards the north, the quadrant of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. Ensure that the cash box is never empty.

13. The shop owner should sit inside the shop facing east or north. He should never sit facing south or west, as it creates problems or losses. The cashier is best located in the south-east.

14. Auspicious symbols of Swastik should always be displayed in the shop. The words 'shubh-labh' and 'riddhi-siddhi' should be written on one of the walls of the shop. Every morning, after opening the shop, prayers should be offered to God by lighting a lamp and burning incense sticks.