Vastu for Study Room

Vastu for Study Room

If you find that your child is facing hurdles in studies then it may be due to one of the Vastu Dosha. Sometimes even after consistent hard work, the child is not able to get fruitful results. Taking few tips in compliance with Vastu for study room can help in improving the concentration of your child during the study and thus result in improved results.

Here are some of the auspicious tips in compliance with vastu for study room:

  1. The ideal direction for study room is in the East, North or the North-East direction of the house. This will enhance the absorbing power and the knowledge of the child. Make sure the study room's door should also be in one of these directions. 
  2. According to the tips in compliance with Vastu for study room, you can also place the study table in East or North direction to make sure that the child faces either of these directions while studying. 
  3. Never construct a study room below the toilet or under a light beam. 
  4. There should be no mirror reflection on the books during the study time as it may increase the study pressure on the child. 
  5. Sunlight or natural light should definitely be there when the child is studying. The child's shadow should never fall on the books while studying. 
  6. Keeping in check the vastu for study rooms ensures peace of mind as well as good health of your child. Facing East while studying can help improve concentration
  7. There should be no obstacles such as pillars, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves in the study room as they obstruct energy. 
  8. According to the tips for  vastu for study room, the study room and the study table should always be clean and clutter-free
  9. The study table shouldn’t face the wall and there should be no bookshelves alongside or above the study table. 
  10. Placing a Saraswati Yantra near child's study table or bedside can enhance positive energy. 
  11. The study room should be bright and well lit. Having a study lamp improves focus and concentration of the child. 
  12. According to the tips compliance with vastu for study room, it should have an open space in front to keep your child inspired with new ideas.  
vastu for study room

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