Top 10 Vastu Tips For Main Entrance Door

Top 10 Vastu Tips For Main Entrance Door

Prosperous living and harmony are the two things associated with an ancient Indian Science, Vastu Shastra. It is an art of eliminating negative energy from the home and welcoming the positive one for a better and happy living. Its main significance is to draw and concentrate positive cosmic vibes in the lives of people to lead them on a path of success and happiness in every endeavour. Everything in the universe has a level of energy associated with it from the colours of your home to the entry gates to the mere foundations and for a prosperous and healthy living, the energy created by these things should affect you only in a positive way. Even the main entrance door should be build keeping in mind the ancient vastu tips for main entrance door. 

The main entrance door of your house is the only gateway for entering and exiting of positive and negative energy respectively, thus having the main door according to the Vastu is a significant step everybody should consider so as to ensure that only happiness and positive vibes lead the home and let the prosperity flourish every resident’s life.

Here are some Vastu tips for main entrance door to enhance that positive aura around you:

  1. The main door of your home should always be the biggest door and should open up to positive and pleasant surroundings only. As you leave or enter the home, you should be greeted with something pleasant to make you mood hit it off rather than greeted with creepy trees and shadows. The shadows are considered rather inauspicious when falling over your main entrance all the time. 
  2. According to the vastu tips for main entrance door, it should not face towards any intersecting roads as they are the home to chaos. Chaos often occurs with clashing of ideas and intersecting roads represent indifference and clashing of thinking according to the Vastu. You cannot afford to have a home with its residents always ready to create tantrums at every single possibility. 
  3. The steps that lead to your main door should always be at a higher position as compared to lobby or any other gateway and odd in number. The steps are usually taken with right foot and with them them odd in number, they will end with the right foot forward and according to Vastu, the right foot is associated with gain. 
  4. The main door of your home should not face any abandoned building or dilapidated or broken down place. It induces negative and bad vibes for the people entering the house. An abandoned building is always believed to be filled with bad aura according to vastu, so you should avoid your main gate before it at all costs. There should be no wall in front of the main entrance door as it intersects with welcoming positive energy. 
  5. If possible, there should always be two gates in the house. One big gate as the main entry gate and a small gate for the exit. If your main gate has two shutters, they should open on the inside and the exit gate should only have one shutter and one handle. south facing direction is best for the main entrance gate according to vastu. 
  6. According to the ancient beliefs over vastu tips for main entrance door, having a beautiful name plate at your main gate as it is the symbol of prosperity and health. A beautiful name plate attracts wealth and positive vibes for the house. also, the main gate should open up to green and c;ean surroundings in order to invite more fresh air for the ineer mind peace of the family. 
  7. Make sure the main door of your house is not on the same side as the entrance door. It is considered highly inauspicious. Having a threshold is very important for the main gate as it allows you to avoid loss of wealth. North west direction for the main entrance door should be aoided at all costs. 
  8. According to the popular beliefs regarding the vastu tips for main entrance door, it is considered highly inauspicious to build the main door on the corner walls. They should always be built some couple of feet away from the corner walls or intersections. 
  9. The main door of your home should always be sturdy and stand proud, thus, it should be made with some high quality wood. The door should not be made with metal and for welcoming positive vibes, make sure the door does not have any kind of cracks at the time of construction only. 
  10. According to vastu, the width of your min door should always be half in terms of dimensions of length. For eg. if the length of the door is 12 ft, it should always be 6 ft wide.


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