Top 5 Vastu Plants to Keep in Home

Top 5 Vastu Plants to Keep in Home

According to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, plants are considered sacred and auspicious for having a positive aura around the home and eliminate the negative vibes. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. They are the superior powers that holds the nature together. They are not only here to give you fresh air and a green feel but they are one of the leaders of your utter well being. Vastu shastra is the art that believes in rearranging or changing the architecture of a place to bring in prosperity, happiness and an overall financial stability. In this article we will enlighten you about the vastu plants to keep in home for ensuring happy and prosperous living.

Some auspicious Vastu plants to keep in home:

  1. Holy Basil (Tulsi) Tulsi is one of the most auspicious vastu plant to keep in home according to hindu culture. It is known to bring prosperity among the inmates and lead them on a path of success. It is also associated with various health benefits. Tulsi helps in blood purification and keeps the digestive system in check. According to the vastu, North, north-east or eastern part of the house is the ideal location for keeping a tulsi plant. Moreover, if a house is affected with vastu dosh, the plant is known to not grow in its natural form. The location of the plant should be well lit with sunlight and don’t forget to water the plant regularly. 
  2. Bamboo According to vastu shastra, Bamboo is known to bring good luck in the house and keep the evils surrounding the inmates at bay. You might have seem bamboo sticks being kept in the home or office. They are known as lucky bamboo and are known to bring wealth and financial stability for a person.Different arrangements of the stalks of this plant represent different properties. E.g. 3 stalks signify happiness, 5 stalks signify good health and so on. East or south east corner is the best location to keep a bamboo plant. 
  3. Money plant According to vastu shastra, money plant is one of the most auspicious vastu plants to keep in home as it brings wealth and prosperity in a home. We have often seen homes with plants shaped like coins climbing the well they support. They are called money plants. South east direction, the direction of Lord Ganesha is the ideal direction to grow a money plant. As the name suggests, it is bound to bring financial stability in a home. 
  4. Banana tree Banana tree is one of the most auspicious tree according to vastu shastra. The tree is even worshipped in many parts of India. Its ideal location is the home’s backyard in the Northeast direction. A banana tree in a house is known to bring health and mental peace. It has many medicated properties. People in south are known to have their food served on a banana leaf. It ensures that the food is blessed by the God and scientifically banana leaf is rich in antioxidants that helps in blood purification. 
  5. Neem tree Neem is one of the sacred vastu plants to keep in home. Neem tree has many scientific and ayurvedic properties. According to vastu, a neem tree in a house ensures positive environment and is responsible for boosting happy moods. A neem leaf is known to keep many health problems at bay. It purifies the blood, keeps the gut healthy and is very good for acne curing. The ideal location for a neem tree is teh northwest corner of the house.


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2023-03-04 05:29:47 AM

According to Feng Shui principles, neutrals, pastels, and whites are often recommended as the best colors for a north-facing home. These colors create a sense of balance and harmony, and they can help to maximize the flow of energy throughout the home. So if you're looking to create a serene and inviting space, consider incorporating these colors into your decor.

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The entrance door placement and the direction of your valuables locker should be carefully considered. It is highly recommended to place your valuables in the south-west corner of your home as it is considered the most auspicious direction for wealth and prosperity.

What is the best time to grow a money plant at home?
2023-02-22 07:54:07 AM

Money plants are easy to look after and require minimal maintenance. During the summer season, make sure to water your money plants twice a week and provide some sunlight to them. In winter, water them once a week, as the cold temperatures can cause the soil to dry up quickly. You can also mist the leaves to keep them healthy. Additionally, you can use fertilizer every month to keep your money plants strong and healthy.

In which direction the Money Plant Should be Kept at Home?
2023-02-22 07:53:19 AM

Money plants should be placed in the south direction as per Vastu, as this is associated with expression and fame. This will help improve the financial status of the residents and bring in prosperity. It is important to note that the northeast and east-west directions should be avoided, as this could lead to financial losses and disagreements. Additionally, it is best to keep the money plant in a well-lit spot and water it regularly to ensure its growth and prosperity.

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To ensure good Vastu for the puja room, it is best to position the idols in the west or south zone. While an east facing position is possible, avoid a north facing one at all costs.