Kitchen Vastu for South Facing House or Flat

The South facing house is not the best of directions when it comes to creating a house according to Vastu. However, we can have the interior right in the kitchen to make it better according to Vastu requirements.

A kitchen in a South facing house or flat should be in the south-east portion and north-east corner would be the second best choice for the kitchen. The last choices would be south or west direction. All the Kitchen vastu rules just make sure the light and ventilation in the kitchen are right, and thus the direction and placement of kitchen and the interior within work on the same principles.

According to eight directions in Vastu, the god of fire is supposed to rule the south-east corner of the house or flat. The south-east corner is not considered good for any other room. If a couple has a room in the south-east corner their relationship, it may harm the relationship in a big way.

The morning sunlight should fall in the kitchen, being in the south-east corner and freshens it up with the morning sun rays. Always try having the kitchen in south-east cornet if possible. If the Kitchen is in the north-east or south-west corner of the house it may ruin the family income; it is never advisable according to Kitchen vastu to have a kitchen in these directions.

According to Kitchen vastu, the door should be in the north, east, or north-east direction and one should face east while cooking. If one cooks facing the south direction, it may lead to health problems in the family.

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Some of the other Kitchen vastu rules for a south facing House or flat :

  • Stove or cooking area should be in the south-east part of the kitchen
  • Windows and Ventilators should be in the east direction
  • Exhaust fan in the kitchen should be in the east, on the south-east wall
  • All kind of big storage cabinets should be in the north-east in the kitchen
  • Water filter in should be in the north-east area in the kitchen
  • Sink should be in the north-east corner

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