Vastu Colors For Your Home

VastuShastra is the sacred science of prosperity and harmony. It is the art of eliminating negative vibes from around you and welcoming the positive ones. Everything in the universe has a level of energy associated with it from the colours of your home to the entry gates to the mere foundations and for a prosperous and healthy living, the energy created by these things should affect you only in a positive way.


The colours in your home have the power to have a direct impact on your behaviour and your fate. They have direct link with your thinking patterns, your mood and most probably your attitude throughout the day. They have the capacity of pacifying our mind and stimulate the energy.  You can experience different emotions with different colours in your home, so having them in order with the vastu science is quite recommended.

Here is a quick guide of Vastu colours for your home:-


  1. Blue:- Blue is the colour of spring and the versatility. It specifies new beginnings. It is an excellent choice for bedrooms and meditation rooms.


  1. Green:- Green is the symbol for hope. It infuses good vibes in the room and also ensures harmony and quick healing. It is a perfect choice for study rooms. It generates a breeze of calmness around the house.


  1. Yellow:- The colour of the sun, yellow is associated natural alertness and clarity of mind. The energising colours allows you to have a sense of wisdom as well as patience. It is an auspicious colour for puja rooms but attracts direct sunlight, so it is not suitable for bedrooms.
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  1. Orange:- Orange is the symbol for spirituality. It is the colour that represents transcendence and an otherworldly aspect of life. Is the perfect colour for your dining room as it has the ability to stimulate and stir your appetite. This colour induces optimism and happiness all around the house.


  1. Red:- Red is the symbol for power and bravery. Vitality and zest are the two aspects associated with the red colour. The Colour depicts dramatic mood and ignites passion and emotions. It should never be use in bedrooms as it have a energising aura that contrasts with the nature of anxious people.


  1. Purple:- Purple is the symbol for trust according to Vastu. Its lighter shades are used for a soothing environment.


  1. Pink:- Pink is the colour for joy and happiness. The colour infuses prosperity and cheeriness in your house. Its is perfect for a girls bedroom.


  1. White:- White has always been related to peace and calm. It is advisable to have white ceilings.


  1. Black:- Black is the colour associated with lack and despair. Moreover, it absorbs sunlight, making the room humid. It is advisable to not use black colour in your home.

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