Vastu Colors for Your Prosperous Home

Colors impact emotional, intellectual and materialistic aspects of our lives. According to Vastu, the color of your home plays a vital role in peace and harmony and also has a deep impact on your mind and your life.
Following are the basic colors along with the suitable places they fit in your house.

Red- The color of energy and will power: Red is associated with fire and symbolizes lust, passion and materialism. Using rosy red or pink shades for your bedroom will enhance love among the newly married ones and even among the couples who have a problematic relationship.

Orange- The color of health and vitality: Orange color symbolizes communication, pride and ambition. It is auspicious for young and ambitious people to achieve their life goals. They can color the southern wall of their room with shades of orange. Orange shades is also good for kitchens located in the South or Southeast direction and also in puja rooms.

Yellow- The color of light and intellect: Yellow symbolizes illumination and higher intellect. You can paint the northern walls of the building with yellow color. It is also auspicious for studies and enhancing concentration.

Green- The color of nature and abundance: Prosperity, positive energy, creativity is all symbolized by this color. Green color has healing properties and has cooling effect on stubborn persons. It can be used to paint structures facing the East direction.

Blue- The color of emotions, devotion and inspiration: Blue color can be used in the children’s room. The most auspicious direction for use of blue color is the west. Avoid using it in the Southeast direction as it represents fire which is totally opposite to water.

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Indigo- The color of spiritual journey: Indigo is said to have spiritual qualities and that’s why ideal for use in meditation and study rooms. White or yellow with violet is considered as a positive combination.

Violet- The color of devotion and knowledge: Violet is known to enhance spiritualism, concentration leading to a stable mind. This color brings contentment in your life. It is fit to be used in puja and study rooms. Avoid using this color in toilets, kitchens and even in business and trading places.

Vastu colors for home

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