Top 10 Vastu Tips for Fish Aquarium in Home

Fish aquariums are known to have a much greater significance in Vastu Shastra. They serve as a rectification for several Vastu defects and are responsible for welcoming prosperity and success in a place.  This article will guide you through all the vastu tips for fish aquarium in home in order to attract peace and wealth.

We all are acquainted with the fact they every single element on earth is associated with a certain level of energy and when those elements are placed according to the vastu, they are bound to ensure peace and harmony.

When a fish aquarium is placed according to the vastu tips for fish aquarium in home, it ensures a peaceful environment filled with harmony and prosperity while placing it at a wrong location may also be the reason for the family’s disputes and unhappiness. Since it is one of the rectifying object for vastu defects, its proper positioning holds quite a significance.

Keeping a fish aquarium also helps to deal with stress, anxiety and high blood pressure as the tranquility of the moving fishes generate a happy environment in our mind that releases serotonin, therefore it is necessary to follow vastu tips for fish aquarium in home. It is also believed that with every natural death of a fish in a fish aquarium, you are rid of a specific life problem permanently.

Feeding the hungry fishes in an aquarium promises a good karma and a clean water and rapid fish movement inside the aquarium attracts health and prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Fish Aquarium in home:

1. Always ensure that the tank is full with beautiful ornamental fishes that are naturally healthy.

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2. According to vastu tips for fish aquarium in home, a total number of fishes in the tank should be 9 according to the vastu.

3. Dragon fishes and gold fishes put together as a combination in the aquarium is considered auspicious and attracts wealth.

4. Try to keep all the eight fishes of the same color and the ninth one with a different color. They are known to ensure harmony in the place.

5. According to the ancient believes for vastu tips for fish aquarium in home, the fishes are bound to die naturally. They have a specific age cycle, so keep in mind to replace the dead fish with a new one every time.

6. Water filters and pumps should be used inside the aquarium to keep the water flowing and healthy. A clean water tank ensures a peaceful environment for the fishes as well as the people of that place. Decorative stones are good for enhancing the tank’s beauty.

7. According to the vastu tips for fish aquarium in home, a specific person should be incharge of feeding the dishes daily. Others should avoid doing that task.

8. The fish aquarium should be located either in the living room or the drawing room. There should be no other location for the fish aquarium in the home and make sure that there is only one aquarium at a single place.

9. North or East direction is suitable for positioning a fish aquarium in the living or drawing room according to the vastu.

10. Bedroom and kitchen are the two locations prohibited for keeping a fish aquarium according to the vastu as it can generate food and sleep related health issues.

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