Vastu Tips for Water Tanks

Vastu tips for water tanks ensure that water tanks in your home are as per Vastu Shastra and should not bring ill effects for the residents. Water tanks have different effects when placed in different places. Therefore, it is important to learn where to place the water tanks as per Vastu Shastra and going through this article can help us achieve that.

Water tanks are important in every house and most houses install tanks random in direction wherever it is suitable. However, water tanks have their own place and direction where installation of water resource is considered ideal.

In a house, water tank can be located via 2 ways:

1. Underground – the ones that are dug up
2. Overhead or rooftop – the ones that are placed on the roof

For both types of water tanks(underground and overhead), Vastu Shastra has got rules and regulations that one needs to know and implement while locating a water tank – of either type – in your home.

As said earlier, improperly placed water tanks – of any type – brings malefic effects to the residents of the house.

On the other hand, properly placed water tanks could help attract wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Water Tanks (Underground):

1. The tank should be dug in North-east direction while before digging a sump draw an axis marking from Northeast to Southwest while both the sides right or left are apt for the underwater tank.

2. Northeast is an important place in the home which is held sacred due to which it should be left vacant as much as possible and that is why the underwater tank is recommended here.

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3. Avoid any water source/tank towards North-west or South-east.

Vastu Tips for Water Tanks (Overhead):

1. The location or placement of the overhead tank is one of the main factors one should look into. Ideally, the overhead tank should be in the west or south-west direction.

For the overhead tank which is placed in the southwest direction, it should be at least two feet over the uppermost slab. Due to water, the side becomes heavy which acts advantageously. However, make sure that there is no dampness.

2. Though northeast corner belongs to the element – water, it is not advisable to have a big overhead tank in the area. This is because the side should not be heavy under any condition. However, a small tank can be placed.

3. According to Vastu Tips for Water Tanks, overhead tank in the southeast corner is a bad omen and results in loss of wealth and accidents. The effect of the overhead tank in the south direction is of medium effect. However, make sure that the tank is two feet above the slab of the roof and should not leak.

4. Avoid placing the water tank in the north-west direction. However, if the tank is of a small size, less height and situated at a distance of at least two feet from the north-west corner, it is permissible.

5. According to Vastu Tips for Water Tanks, it is considered inauspicious to place the water tank in the middle. Remember, this place is called Brahmasthan. If there is a load on the Brahma, the life of the individuals living in the house would be infeasible. One would also not like to stay in the house for a long time.

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