Vastu Tips for Sleeping Directions

Sleep is an important aspect of good health. To enjoy sound sleep, one must have a bedroom with a peaceful environment. Vastu can help eliminate sleep disorders and health problems. A good, sound and timely sleep provide us energy which enables us to manage our day to day work proficiently.Listed below are few Vastu tips for sleeping directions which will help you in the day to day life.

Vastu tips for sleeping directions:

  • Vastu recommends that the head must be placed towards the East for undisturbed sleep. The second best sleeping direction is the West and the third choice is South.
  • You should never sleep with your head towards North direction and legs in South direction. Sleeping in this direction may lead to major sickness, difficulty in having children and one may remain sleep deprived. It hampers your positive vibrations.
  • The south-west direction is the most powerful quadrant as this area has all the positive energy stored.
  • According to Vastu experts, the best direction is sleeping with your head in the South. Sleeping in this direction increases health, happiness and prosperity.
  • Sleeping with your head in East increases memory, good health and inclination towards spirituality. This is the ideal direction for students as it helps increase memory, retention power of brain and concentration.
  • Another favourable direction is the West. Sleeping with head in West direction gives name, fame and prosperity.  According to the law of magnetism, the magnetic force enters our head if we lie with head on the East and exits through feet promoting cool heads and warm feet. When the head is laid towards West, cool feet and a hot head.
  • Beds should not be placed under a beam as it leads to stress. Also, the beds should be placed few inches away from the wall.
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The energy flow from each direction differs and so does its direct impact. People who follow these sleeping directions will receive positive energy when they wake up and they also enhance the person’s blood circulation.

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