Top 10 Tips for Kitchen Vastu

Some basic Kitchen Vastu tips you should go with when planning a kitchen layout and placements:

  1. Kitchen should ideally be location in the southeast corner of the house or northeast being the second best location.
  2. Sink and Taps should be kept in the northeast part of the kitchen, away from the stove.
  3. Refrigerator  should be placed in the the southwest direction and should not be kept in the northeast.
  4. Cooking stove should be in the southeast direction and person cooking should face east.
  5. Exhaust fan should be in the east. All kind of large windows should be kept in the east direction in the kitchen.
  6. Drinking water, filters etc should be kept in the northeast.
  7. All kind electrical appliances should be kept in the southeast or south side of the kitchen.
  8. Kitchen should never be above or below a toilet and must not have a common sharing wall with a toilet.
  9. The storage almirahs for grains etc should be in the south or southeast site.
  10. Black color should not be used in the kitchen design.

Kitchen Vastu: Sample Layout

Kitchen Vastu Layout

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