Simple Vastu Tips for Keeping an Aquarium in Your Home

Having an aquarium is a wonderful way of adding to aesthetic beauty of your home. Aquariums have high importance when it comes to Vastu Shastra because of its huge benefits.

A fish aquarium placed at a correct place in your home can bring health and happiness. On the other hand, it can cause ill-effects if placed at a wrong place. Therefore, it is very essential to understand the right place for the aquarium in your home.

The fish aquarium has two main components: The water and the fish. Water is a representative of life and moving water can create liveliness and positivity in your life. Movement of fishes inside the aquarium can enhance positive energy and also bring good health, wealth and happiness.

If you are planning to keep a fish aquarium in your home then following are the tips for you.

1. The first and foremost tip is to have ornamental and healthy fishes in your fish tank.
2. According to Vastu, the best location for the fish tank is the living room or the drawing room. It shouldn’t be kept in any other location.
3. Make sure you maintain proper hygiene of your fish tank and clean it regularly.
3. Make use of water filters or water circulating devices and decorative stones etc.
4. Having a combination of dragon and gold fishes in considered auspicious.
5. The total number of fishes in the tank should be nine out of which eight should be of similar variety whereas one should be of another.
6. In case a fish dies naturally, then make sure you replace it with a new one.
7. Vastu Shastra says that the same person should only feed the fishes on a regular basis.

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8. Never place the fish aquarium in kitchen or bedroom because it may invite food and sleep related health problems.


Vastu tips for fish aquarium
Vastu tips for your home’s aquarium

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