Top Tips for Auspicious Vastu Entrance/Main Door

1) Site plan- Place your house on the East or West side of the site for good Auspicious Vastu

The Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that guides the design and construction of buildings. It is a science which helps to make a structure complete in all aspects. The main focus in this science is to make sure that there are no defects in any direction, be it east, west, north or south.

House layout- There are 3 types of houses according to vastu shashtra- Vaasthu, Graha and Agni:

“Vaasthu” is the most significant of the three types; it is based on the design, orientation and location of your home and its construction materials. “Graha” houses are those designed according to astrological principles. “Agni” houses are those which follow Feng-Shui principles.

2) Vastu House Color- For predominant color, use white, green or blue.

The color of the house can be determined by the predominant color in the house. The colors that are considered auspicious are white, green and blue.

White is considered to be a symbol of purity and is also associated with happiness. White is also a symbol of peace and prosperity. White is often used in religious ceremonies too.

Green is associated with growth, renewal, fertility, new life and abundance. It can also symbolize growth in spirituality or love for nature. Green represents luck in many cultures around the world including India, China and Ireland to name a few. Green has been used to represent Islam as well as Christianity in some cases because green was the color of Muhammad’s banner during his lifetime when he was alive on earth. Blue has also been used in this regard, but is less common than the aforementioned color.

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3) Vastu Doors – The door should be on the North side of the entrance.

A vastu door should be on the north side of the entrance. This is because it represents stability and balance. It is also believed that this will bring in positive energy to the house.

Some people believe that if you have a south-facing door, it will bring in negative energy, which can lead to problems like low self-esteem or illness.

4) Vastu for Carvings & paintings

Avoid anthropomorphic depictions. Avoid images of nude figures and portraits with halos above their heads. Avoid images that depict religious scenes (Jesus, Buddha).

Door carvings should not depict human figures (i.e., humans riding horses). Images should not be mirrored or show any one person in more than one location within an image (i.e., two people at two different places). Images depicting military scenes are also off limits because they represent violence and strife

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