Vastu Tips For A Duplex House And How To Make The Right Choice

What is Vastu?

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture and town planning. It is a traditional Hindu belief that one’s house and surroundings should be designed in such a way as to promote the general well-being and prosperity of the owner and his family.

There is no set set of rules that can be followed, but instead one must consult an expert who will study the individual site and offer advice on the best ways to design it for maximum happiness and success.

Vastu is based on five basic elements: water, fire, earth, air and ether. These elements are used to create balance in one’s life by arranging furniture and other objects in certain ways.

Designing a duplex house is not an easy task and it generally requires a lot of patience and time. However, with the help of Vastu experts, one can make their home look beautiful and functional.

Making the Right Lifestyle Choices for your Vastu-Friendly Home

Vastu is the ancient Hindu science of architecture. It is based on the belief that an individual’s life can be influenced by their living environment.

The placement of a home in relation to the cardinal directions impacts its inhabitants’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Placing a home in accordance with vastu principles helps create harmony between people and their environment.

The following are some important points to consider when designing your house:

  • Place your front door on the Eastern side for good luck
  • Place your bed in the North-East corner for health and wealth
  • Keep your kitchen in the North or East for prosperity
  • Avoid heavy traffic areas like near staircases or near doors
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Layout of a Duplex House

A duplex house is a type of building that has two units, one on top of the other. The upper unit is called the “duplex” and the lower unit is called “half-duplex”. The layout of a duplex house can be either side by side or back to back.

The vastu duplex house tips are as follows:
– Avoid the placement of the toilet in the bedroom

– Avoid the placement of entrance door in the southwest direction

– Avoid the placement of kitchen in southeast direction

The Duplex Home’s Entrance According to Vastu

The entrance of a duplex home is an important aspect of Vastu. The entrance should be in the East or North direction, facing the East or North respectively.

A duplex home should preferably be north-facing, as per Vastu compliance. This will keep you safe from any kinds of mishaps and also bring you much wealth. The entrance should not be blocked or obstructed.

Duplex Vastu Tips to Increase Wealth

The most important principle of vastu is that a building should be designed in such a way that the householder’s life is not disturbed by any negative energy or natural forces.

The vastu guidelines for increasing wealth are:
– Placing items related to wealth and prosperity near the entrance of your home.
– Avoiding clutter and hanging clothes on clothesline outside your house .
– Placing plants near your entrance door, as they attract positive energies.

Vastu Tips for the Ground Floor

Ground floor vastu tips are for those who want to have a harmonious home. And it’s important to understand which direction your home faces. The ground floor should face the east or north side because these two directions are auspicious and bring wealth and prosperity to the residents.

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Vastu Tips for the Upper Floor

Upper Floor Vastu Tips

– Avoid a staircase in the upper floor.

– The main door of the house should be on the ground floor.

– The bedroom should be at least one floor below the living room.

– Avoid an entrance from a balcony or terrace on the upper floor.

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