Vastu Tips for Use of Mirrors

Mirrors have a great importance in Vastu Shastra as they are power houses of energy. Correctly placing the mirrors can enhance energy of your home and incorrect placement can even hamper it.

Following are the Vastu tips for auspicious use of mirrors in your home to increase positive and progressive energy.

1) According to Vastu, square or rectangular shaped mirrors are auspicious.

2) All the mirrors, wall clocks, or decorative items which reflect light should be placed on North or East walls. But make sure you place all the mirrors 4 to 5 feet above ground.

3) The television must always be placed in the South-East corner of your room. Keep the TV screen covered while it is not being used.

4) A fish aquarium at home should always be placed in the North or East direction.

5) In case there is a wall in the centre of your home which is inauspicious as per Vastu, then place a mirror on that wall.

6) Having a dressing table with a big mirror placed on the side of bed is considered good.

7) If your window opens upto a beautiful scenery then you can place a mirror on opposite side of that of the window. This will increase positive energy and bliss in your home.

8) It is auspicious to place a mirror which reflects the dinning table as it can attract more wealth and food.

9) Having a mirror placed in front of cash locker can attract wealth.

10) Mirrors have the power to absorb negative energy. You can place it near to something which has negative energy in it.

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11) Don’t hang mirrors near to child’s study room as it can hinder his concentration.

12) If you have window panes and doors made from glass then make sure they shouldn’t be transparent.

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