Are Vastu Doshas the reason for your Property Disputes?

Are Vastu Doshas the reason for your Property Disputes?

Property disputes have been a source of contention since antiquity. As prices rise and greed increases, people are becoming less tolerant, and this is likely to result in perpetual property disputes.

These conflicts not only result in broken relationships, but they can also cause health and financial problems. Keeping your home's Vastu energy in balance is key to reducing the risk of disputes.

Fortunately, adhering to Vastu Shastra principles in the construction of a property can minimize or even eliminate the risk of disputes.

Following are the Vastu Doshas that lead to property disputes:

A sump or a pit in the North West

This is one of the major causes of property-related disputes. In fact, a sump in the North West can bring about undesired losses related to fixed and financial assets.

North West is governed by the Vayu deity and is also the course of the moon according to astrology. The energies from this direction form the base on which anything can be based. This could include your relationships, finances and health.

A sump or pit here can let water seep in and block the flow of positive energies in this zone. As well as this, negative energies here can lead to the loss or destruction of property-related documents which can become a source of family dispute.

In accordance with Vastu Shastra, it is recommended to put all your investment-related documents in the North West. These include all documents related to stock market investments, mutual funds, fixed deposits, bonds and, of course, property papers.

Storing your important documents here will not only protect your investments, but you will also notice a steady growth in their value.

Consequently, you must definitely stay away from any sump, pit or even underground water storage in the North West of your plot.

When it comes to flats, it is essential to be aware of how a toilet can disrupt the energies of this direction. To avoid any negative impacts, you must either keep it away or take the necessary steps to nullify the unfavourable effects.

Kitchen between East and South East

The East and South East direction of a home is highly important in Vastu Shastra. This area is responsible for encouraging analytical thinking and rational decision making.

A kitchen situated in this region can, unfortunately, cause a great deal of trouble. People in the home may become embroiled in heated disagreements, even when there may not be a valid reason. This can lead to long-term property disputes, as the occupants become increasingly unreasonable in their expectations.

The wrong placement of the kitchen according to Vastu Shastra can be disastrous, and cause a cascade of problems. Additionally, the energies of this region impact the ethics and morals of the inhabitants. Placing kitchen here can cause a person to lose their credibility and make false promises, which may spark or worsen property disputes.

Underground water storage in South

Disputes related to property can be a major source of confusion and stress. Not only that, they can also be financially straining and take a long time to resolve.

We have often seen that when there's an underground water source - like a borewell or storage - in the South of the plot, it can lead to court cases and litigation. As we all know, South is the direction of fire and its imbalance can cause many issues.

Not just property-related court cases, an underground water source in the South can cause a series of unnecessary and regular court cases and litigations.

Hence, it is important to take steps to avoid any underground water sources in the South direction.

Heavy objects or yellow color in North East

The north east direction gets the most attention from all Vastu experts and novices alike. And this is for a good reason.

This is the direction from which the earth's electromagnetic fields flows towards South West. In layman terms, the flow of positive energies in the house begins from the North East.

As per Vastu Purush Mandala- the cosmic geometrical plan of a building, the head of the Vastu Purush lies in the North East. Therefore, it is advisable to keep this area light and avoid placing any heavy objects here. 

An imbalance in the form of weighty items and yellow color can significantly imperil the intellectual faculties of the inhabitants. To put it another way, it obstructs the brains of individuals and they lose their capability to differentiate between right and wrong.

This turns into an enormous reason for disagreement in general and could also bring about property related debates.

The color yellow relates to the earth component. It is an opposing color for the North East zone which speaks to the water component. That is the reason the nearness of yellow color in North East squares away the progression of positive energies and prompts superfluous debates.

An entrance in the South West

As has been discussed on numerous occasions, and almost all Vastu experts agree, an entrance in the South West is an absolute must not. The energies of this direction are quite potent, as planet Rahu has its influence here.
Consequently, it is exceedingly vital to keep these energies under careful control, or they may become detrimental quickly.
South West is called the Pitra sthaan in the Vastu tradition. As our forebears are the first ones we are related to, this direction is believed to control all our relationships.

The south west zone of the house is extremely important for home energy and relationships. An entrance in this zone can be very disruptive and lead to negative consequences, such as property disputes, huge losses, and even bankruptcy. To avoid such things, it is advised to close and cover this zone, or to consult with a Vastu expert for careful remediation. Keeping this zone open can cause the outflow of positive energies, and cause relationships among family members to suffer.

Uneven Constructions Causing Property Disputes

Unplanned construction or other matters may lead to property disputes. In this instance, a street running towards the Southeast corner could have a detrimental effect on the area and cause unrest among the residents. To tackle this vastu dosha, an experienced vastu consultant can be consulted and help provide a resolution. However, if there is a street hit, it is not always easy to make necessary corrections to the property.

Prevent Property Disputes

  • In all circumstances, the South-Southwest doorway is to be totally avoided. Apart from the lavatory, nothing else ought to be situated in this area, which is responsible for waste and expenditure. A kitchen, sleeping quarters and study will not bring its user prosperity, but bring about destruction in all directions. Money and family ties will be particularly affected. An entrance in the southwest zone brings forth contention within the family and weakens traditional values. A southeast entrance draws lawsuits. There are simple-to-implement solutions, such as painting a colour strip on the door, that work wonders to manage the detrimental impacts of the entrance without having to move it.
  • Considering relationships, we look at the southwest Vastu zone — that is of skills, relationships and ancestors. Affable feelings, familial closeness and truly unbreakable ties will arise from a powerful and balanced SW area. This region also belongs to ancestors, without whose blessings nothing can be accomplished or gained. It has been seen through esearch that the primary causes for property separation are fierce quarrels within the family, feelings of financial vulnerability or loss of rightful share. A major factor is the kitchen or water boring located in the SW direction. The kitchen is connected to the fire element and in the SW, it will produce fury and aggression in family relationships — particularly between siblings. Water boring here will obstruct financial progress and can lead to desperation.
  • Having a toilet in the South West of your home can be detrimental for your family, leading to total destruction. To counteract this, place a family photograph and a pair of lovebirds in this zone. Also, add photographs of your ancestors, in shades of white, off-white, and cream. A study, work room and bedroom are also beneficial in this area.
  • To ensure financial strength, check the West (capital and gains), Northwest (support), North (money and opportunities), and South-East (initiating spark). If these zones are in order, money, opportunities, gains, and capital will flow smoothly. The main colour scheme for the South-East should be red, with the kitchen in this area. For the North, a study and an iron safe are ideal, while placing pictures of lush fields or a cottage scene in the West will bring capital gains.
  • It's important to check the east-southeast and west-northwest areas of your home as well. Imbalances in these zones can cause mental distress and impair decision-making abilities. Store items such as shoes in these zones, but do not spend much time in them. 
  • Be sure to make use of the South-Southeast and North-East zones as well. The first zone can provide mental and physical strength if used for the bedroom, kitchen, or study space. The latter zone helps to keep mental clarity, so it's a great idea to use it for the pooja room. In many cases, family issues due to wrong placement of the kitchen, water boring, or toilets have been instantly resolved by applying these solutions. Take action now to ensure your family and property are safe.





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Though being modern north-facing houses has some disadvantages as well. Let's see: For passive solar heating, a north-facing house is a poor choice for people living in colder climates. We don't get much natural lighting in north-facing homes compared to the other direct sunlight directions. It creates an overall gloomier atmosphere in the house. You have to pay higher electricity bills for electronic gadgets in colder climates, and you used to keep your home interior warm or within comfortable temperatures.

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