Top 5 Vastu Tips for Ganesh Idol

Top 5 Vastu Tips for Ganesh Idol

The sacred science of Vastu Shastra is responsible for maintaining prosperity and harmony among people. Everything in the Universe has a level of energy associated with it and when those things are placed according to the Vastu Shastra, they attract positive cosmic waves into your home to ensure happy and healthy living. 

Lord ganesha is the God of prosperity and success and when their idol is placed according to the Vastu, you are bound to have a peaceful and happy home environment with their blessing embarking success and wealth into your life. So, here are some tips to place the “Vighnaharta” idol in your home to ensure good fortune in every life endeavour.

Vastu tips for Ganesh Idol:

1. The White Ganesha Idol 

White Ganesha idol is known to bring prosperity, happiness and wealth in your life. Even pasting a picture of White Ganesha can do wonders for the members of your home. They are known to keep evils at bay. 

2. The Direction of Ganesh Idol according to Vastu 

Northeast location is the best suited location for placing the Ganesha idol. You can even go for north or east separately while offering prayers. South direction is not suitable as it attracts negative vibes. Remember to build your pooja room accordingly. Do not place the idol near washrooms. 

3. The Location in the Bedroom for Ganesh Idol 

Bedroom is not the suitable place for placing Ganesha idol. Though, if you still wish to place it in your room make sure it is in the northeast direction and your feet should face the Ganesha idol.

4. The Types of Ganesh Idol according to Vastu 

The Ganesha with a peepal leaf at the back is known as the most suitable Ganesha posture that ensures good luck and prosperity. The sitting Ganesha idol with its trunk tilted towards his left hand should be placed in the home as the one with trunk tilted right is difficult to please. 

5. The Offerings to Lord Ganesha according to Vastu 

It is quite easy to please Lord Ganesha. Just keep the idol in the northeast position on a high platform with a bowl of rice at the front for the offering. It is bound to ensure blessings from Lord Ganesha in every life endeavour.

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